SM498 – Resume

Hey:) I am Lana, 20 year old from Germany.

By my age you can probably already tell that I am not too experienced regarding BDSM. I only had sex with one man until now, definitely wasn’t vanilla but also just not enough BDSM for me. Sexually, I love to totally submit to my partner and be their personal toy to use. However if you are into totally submissive and obedient women, I am sad to tell you I am not the one for you.

Most of the times I only want to obey and be the perfect girl for my partner, but at other times I love being a little “brat”, being punished after and being “forced” into submission is a big turn on for me. I am definitely a natural submissive and have reached sub space multiple times, but I am only a real submissive in the bedroom. Outside of the bedroom -at least most of the times- I am just a “normal” girl.

Most important thing about me is that I love to serve and absolutely fulfill my masters sexual desires- nothing gives me more satisfaction, so if you are also into praising your slave I will try my best to be a good girl for you- most of the times 😉

To tell you more specifically what turns me on and how submissive I am I thought it would be easiest to just send you my test results of a BDSM- test:
100% Degradee
100% Masochist
100% Rope bunny
100% Submissive
97% Brat
74% Slave
67% Voyeur
62% Primal (Prey)
62% Experimentalist
60% Pet 

Because I am a law student I don’t have too much time but if we are a match, I could come to you and besides Wednesday, Tuesday Mornings and Friday Mornings I can decide individually how to spend my time, meaning I could come to you from Friday midday until Monday evening often (would have to study though). Spending vacations together sounds good to me too.

If we would be long-distance for most time, I am sure you -as my master- will have ideas to still dominate me from a distance.

I would need total discretion of course and would prefer not to be in a 24/7 slave/master relationship.

Besides my sexual preference that you know now, I am a bubbly personally, really empathetic and quiet fun to be around. I love caring for people and find great comfort in physical contact.

I am interested in art, music, science (especially psychology and biology) and languages. I can speak English and German fluently, a bit Chinese and understanding French and Polish a bit. Love watching movies and reading plus going to concerts and museums.

Besides all of that, I take good care of my body and like to workout in the gym 3 to 5 times a week. Hiking, skiing and diving are things I enjoy too.

So I guess, let’s make your and my fantasy come true! 🙂

Yours truly,


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