Safety Rules in BDSM Play

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Asian Slave Club provides light to medium submissive and BDSM service only. We regret that we do not have any ladies that can serve clients with “heavy” tastes, and suggest that clients with such needs contact an agency that can meet their requirements.

We want you to have the most enjoyable time possible when our slaves visit you. Please obey all the Safety Rules listed below to avoid injury in BDSM plays with our sex slaves (submissive escorts). If an unfortunate accident does happen, you must send the lady to hospital, and inform the agent immediately. If something has happened resulting in injury, you will be liable to pay all her medical costs. We hope this never happens, and you will always enjoy a wonderful time.

> Safety Word / Safety Sign

The internationally accepted safety word is “Mercy” or “Mayday”, the Safety Sign is the slave “shaking her head”. If the slave says “Mercy” or “Mayday”, or shakes her head, it means that she cannot cope with the level of play. The Master should immediately cease what they have been doing, and find out the cause of the problem.

For example, if you have been spanking, using hot wax, or other torture or punishment, this play should cease immediately. If the slave is gagged, remove the gag and ask your slave what is causing her distress. For example, it is possible that your play is too hard, or perhaps the spanking, needles, and electric play is fine, but her hands are going numb from the bondage.

> Limit of Punishment

– Spanking / Slapping / Bastinado / Palm Punishment: A punishment session can be very demanding for a girl, both physically and mentally, especially for girls with a low pain tolerance. As such, please only do punishment sessions once a day (once every 24 hours). Because most of our ladies are genuine students, they cannot withstand heavy punishment. When you spank or punish a girl, please limit your session, so that she has no more than a slightly red and warm bottom. As an indication, this may only be around 10 light to moderate hits. Girls with a low pain tolerance may find this level difficult, whereas girls with a high pain tolerance may be able to accept slightly more. Never hit the girl hard enough to leave bruises. If you require an escort that will accept heavier or more frequent punishment, please let us know, as it will reduce the number of willing slaves. Please always pay attention to the girl’s Safety Word and Safety Sign.

– Slapping: The face is a very sensitive area. Even a light slap can be painful, and it can also have a strong emotional impact. Never strike your slave in the face in a hard manner, and always be very cautious of her nose, eyes and ears; also be careful never to wear rings or other hard objects on your fingers and hands that may cut or bruise her.

– Piss Drinking: Urine is essentially water with a small quantity of bodily waste products, and is safe to drink in limited quantities. However, if urine is consumed in large quantise it will cause harm to a person’s health. Therefore, it is our company policy that our Slaves can only consume urine once per day. This company policy also applies to: Master/Mistress Saliva Swallowing, Semen Swallowing, Anal Licking after Toilet, etc.

– Clamp / Clothespin: Games with these can vary greatly depending on the sensitivity of the slave’s nipples (women’s nipples are usually much more sensitive than men’s). Please control the pressure of the Clamp / Clothespin while she is wearing it, also being careful of the pain that can be caused when it is removed. If you use weights or pull on the clamps, please ensure you are careful to watch for her Safety Word or Safety Sign.

– Paddle / whip  / cane: Only specially-made SM paddles, whips, canes can be used in BDSM play. The real whips, broom or mop handles, clothes-hangers, etc. are not allowed.

> Rules Regarding Timing

Generally, one submissive / BDSM play session should not last longer than 40 minutes, the slave should get at least 20 minutes rest before next session start. That means 40 minutes on and 20 minutes off in every one hour of play.

However, the length of your submissive / BDSM play session is very dependent on both the type of activity you are doing, and the pain tolerance of the girl. If you are doing office sex, role play…etc, then more time is acceptable. If you are giving a heavy spanking, slapping, needles, electrical play… etc, then, the play session should not last longer than 10 minutes and you can play only once a day.

> Use Of Condoms

Before entering a lady’s vagina or anus with a penis, finger or sex toy, it must have a condom around it. You must show the use of a condom to the lady clearly before sex. If you try to have sex without the use of a condom when a lady is tied up, blindfolded or in any way unable to watch what you are doing, it could cause a legal problem for you. The lady then has the right to stop the service (in that case, we won’t refund any money, and you will be responsible for the lady’s medical costs).

In addition, you must protect your slave when she is obeying your command to perform sex activities with your friends at your private party (if she has this service). You must make sure everyone uses a condom.

> Needle Torture

Only disposable acupuncture needles are allowed to be used in needle tortures.

> The Food and Sleeping

You must supply normal breakfast, lunch and dinner on time (and sometimes a midnight snack when you play late). When doing BSDM play, water is essential for your slave, especially when she is suffering pain or crying. Wearing hot clothing, latex or full body bondage (such as cling wrap) can also cause the slave to perspire a lot. She will need to drink at least every half hour. Please note, do not drink alcohol or let her drink alcohol, as it can be very dangerous.

> Basic Cleanliness

Basic cleanliness is required for all our clients, which includes a shower in the morning and at night. This condition still applies for all the “before shower” plays. Demeaning a slave by making her smell or lick you after a normal day is fine, but making a slave suffer though several days of old sweat and body odour is not only unacceptable, it is also unsafe.

> Photo/Video Shooting

To increase the fun of our clients, we encourage our ladies to allow the photo/video shooting while playing SM. In order to let the ladies be willing to cooperate, our clients need to obey the following rules:

1, Before shooting, you should let the lady know, and promise it’s just for your private collection.

2, Avoid the lady’s face when photographing, if she is concerned.

3, You can shoot once a day (24 hours) only. For photo shooting, 20 pieces limited per 24 hours. For video shooting, 5 minutes limited per 24 hours.

4, After shooting, you should show her your works, and delete pictures or scenes she doesn’t like.

5, Give her a copy if she asks.

6, At your private party and outdoor: you can take photos and videos for your slave. However, any others, including your friends, cannot shoot. You must make sure no one is shooting when you play SM at your private party or outdoor.

7, You cannot take photos or videos of the lady whose service excludes “Private Photo/video”.

8, It is never acceptable to stream a video recording of your slave live to the internet. Nor are you allowed to distribute the pictures or video by any means, either free or for profit.

Please note, if you use a hidden camera, it could cause a legal problem for you. The lady than has the right to stop the service (in that case, we won’t refund any money).

> The Scope of Our Service

The scope of our services is limited to verified homes and 5 star hotel rooms. Therefore, we will need the client’s home address or hotel room number before sending our lady. For safety reasons, we cannot send a lady to an unverified address, such as a street corner, restaurant, hotel lobby…

Special condition for the clients who transfer the fees though anonymous money transfer agents: your first booking must in a 5 star hotel. You can book our slaves to your home from the second booking onwards (please advise address in advance). This enables us to ensure that we can protect our ladies by verifying whom they have visited.

> Phone Calls

As part of our safety rules, it is required that the lady telephones the agent when she arrives to be with you, and also when she departs from you. Please give her every assistance when needed. If the booking is longer than one week, please help her contact (ring) us at least once a week.

Because our ladies are normally students or office workers, when they perform an escort service for the first time they are likely to be nervous, and many of them pre-arrange to call a friend to ensure their safety. Please be understanding, particularly for novices.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

> Clients’ Privacy

The privacy of our clients is extremely important, and Asian Slave Club takes it very seriously. One of the most common concerns people have is what happens to their data; their email and other files. Particularly, how that information can be deleted.

We have two main ways to destroy information about clients and the communications we have with them. Firstly, we will delete all information about you anytime you send us notice. Secondly, we delete the files and data associated with any clients that haven’t booked with us for over 2 years.

Our policy of deleting the data of clients that have not booked with us for 2 years can occasionally cause inconvenience for returning clients, and we do apologise for any difficulties that occur. However, we consider your privacy and protection to be extremely important, and believe the protection of deleting old data is worth the rare efforts of re-verifying the details of a returning client.

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