Long-term Package

Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby, Package

The Long-tern Package a fixed financial aid and emotional agreement between the Master and the Slave. Package arrangements start from one month, but are usually for months or years, and can even lead to marriage.

Please Note, under our “Long-term Package” agreement, clients have the flexibility to terminate the contract early if they find the slave’s services unsatisfactory. In such cases, clients can terminate the contract by paying the lady X plus 1 day’s salary based on her Full-day Test Dating rate. If termination occurs before the completion of the contracted period, the client will be credited with the remaining balance for future bookings. However, please be aware that if the Full-day Test Dating rate for the period served exceeds the monthly fee paid under the “Long-term Package”, refunds for the remaining days are not applicable.

We have sex types of Long-term Packages that are described below, but if you are interested in a different arrangement, we are happy to assist.

Sponsorship Package

Sponsorship, Package, bdsm

In this Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package, the Master and Slave live separately, but meet once a week. Usually the duration of meeting is 4-8 hours during daytime or 10-12 hours for an overnight visit. The details of how often to meet, whether it is day or night, and the duration are negotiated individually for each girl.

Fostering Package

Fostering, Package

In this Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package, the Master and Slave live together like a couple (also can travel together for holiday). Although this arrangement is for a live-in Slave, it does not mean that a girl should play a slave role for 24×7 (unless she wants that). Ladies who select this package should be properly treated, cared for, and supported by their Sugar Daddies during those times that she is not playing SM.

Tuition & Home-stay Package

tuition, meeting, student, slave

In this Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package, the Sugar Daddy makes an upfront payment of one semester’s tuition for the Sugar Baby and provide their accommodation. They will live together like a couple, with the Sugar Daddy providing regular spending money for his Sugar Baby. However, during this period, the Baby can still go for the dating from SBC.

Office Slave Package

office slave, office, slave, bdsm, sm

In this Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package, the Baby will privately be his submissive lover while publicly being a normal employee of his company. In secret the Baby will be the Sugar Daddy’s sex slave, obedient to his demands. During the day, the Master employs his Sugar Baby as a normal full-time or part-time staff in his company. This gives the Sugar Daddy a new IT engineer, accountant, marketer, or secretary at the same time as providing the Sugar Baby with valuable experience. This is a formal employment contract so the Master’s company is expected to pay her tax, Super, etc.

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