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Asian Slave Club receives a large number of enquiries every day. Limited by human resources, it is impossible for us to answer all of them. Therefore, we have collected all the guest questions and the club’s answers together to make such a FAQ for everyone’s convenience.

This club has been in business for about half a century. We understand what our guests want to know. In this FAQ, we’ve collected almost every question you could possibly think of (especially for new guests). Please be sure to read this FAQ carefully to have a basic understanding of our services.

About Company

A: We have started this business in 1973. We set up this website “www.asianslave.biz” in 2003. You can find our old web pages on: www.archive.org (Wayback Machine).

A: We are based in Sydney Australia and our service is worldwide. However, we do not have branches overseas.

A: Our office address: 65 Elizabeth St, Sydney, Australia. Our office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday (our email service is 24/7). Yes, you need to make an appointment.

We are an agency. There are no ladies waiting in our office. You are welcome to visit our office and choose your lady from our database (after paying a photo deposit of $A200).

A: We answer the phone during our business hours, but we don’t answer the hidden numbers or internet (Skype, VOIP, etc) numbers.

Our clients must contact us by email first. We do not accept telephone reservations or price or service inquiries. We will not answering such questions on the phone (eg, “Hi, I want to book a slave …”, “How much…”, “Which girl is available?”, “Where are you?” etc.)

About Lady (Slave)

A: We provide service worldwide. Please check our website> Sex Slaves for Rent / Hire, click the chain icon on a lady’s photo to view her profile, where you will find the location details. Please always pay attention to the Status on ladies’ profile pages, the “Availability: Yes” means she is available; the “Availability: No” means she is not available.

A: If the Status on ladies’ profile page said: “Availability: Yes”, then generally she is available. We’ll check for you again after you get a date.

A: Our club mainly introduces long-term support. After the client goes through a Test Dating, if he likes the girl, he will buy a Long-term Package (it is much more cost-effective financially than many short-term Test Datings). If a girl is in a Long-term Fostering Package, her Status will be displayed as “Availability: No”.
Since girls who like SM are very rare, our slaves are usually picked up (go to a long-term package) within 1-2 months after they are released. Some high-quality girls have not even been posted to the website and were snatched up by VIP members only during the VIP Display period.

A: When deciding on a Fostering Package, some clients clearly tell us that they will only stay for a certain period of time. But more clients are often not sure about the final length of time, so they will wait for a few months before deciding. Therefore, for some girls, we will explicitly indicate when they will be available again; while for others, we are unable to specify a date for their availability.

A: You have the option to pre-order a slave. However, until payment is made, she remains available for booking. If another client makes payment before you, she will be reserved by them. Therefore, we kindly request that you confirm your booking with payment promptly to avoid the possibility of your chosen girl being booked by another client. We appreciate your cooperation!

A: Asian Slave Club absolutely does not tolerate racial or religious discrimination, and we reject any gentleman or lady who displays discriminatory tendencies from joining our Club.

Every woman has personal preferences when choosing a date, which generally do not involve discrimination but rather some individual considerations. However, these considerations are not always expressed openly. When a woman agrees to or declines a booking, the club will faithfully convey her intentions to the man without requiring her to explain her “reasons.”

In fact, most of the time, a woman’s rejection of a particular man for a date is not as complex as it may seem. It may be simply because she is not satisfied with the man’s appearance, age, or other factors, or perhaps she is too busy due to work or exams, or maybe she doesn’t want to go out during her menstrual cycle, or she has recently fallen for someone else… and so on.

There is also a rather special situation where some women do not want to date men from their own country. For example, some Indonesian girls do not want to meet Indonesian men, some Indian girls do not want to meet Indian men, and some Korean girls do not want to meet Korean men… This is because these girls want to protect their privacy, not because they are discriminating against their fellow citizens.

There is also a less common situation where some Master / Sugar Daddy, when booking a lady, haggle over expenses (such as airfare, Extra-Charge Service fee, etc.), which leads to the lady feeling uncomfortable. They often ignore bookings from such men. In this regard, the Club is powerless to intervene.

A: Please check our homepage, click the chain icon on a lady’s photo to view her profile, where you will find the service (SM activity) details. If a service/ activity is not listed then she can’t provide that service/ activity.

A: You can choose a slave from any location around the world. However, you will be required to pay for the lady’s airfare if she lives in a location other than where the meeting is to take place.

A: Yes, all the girls with “Lesbian Submissive” activity on her list can service women / mistress. In addition, we also have male sex slaves. For more details, please refer to: Slave Category > Male Sissy Slaves .

A: Yes, we also have some male slaves and couple. Please refer to: Slave Category .

A: If a lady is no longer listed on the website, then she no longer works for the agency and you can’t meet her.

A: Yes, we have Caucasian / white and black sex slaves, please refer to: Slave Category .

A: No, we never provide Asian (or European or other) lolita slaves. All of our submissive escorts are over 18 years of age.

A: This is quite normal. With the same lady, some clients get along with her very well, and after the service, both parties praise each other. However, some clients simply don’t get along with her, and as a result, both parties complain after the service. It’s a bit like a married couple; sometimes when a couple splits up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one of them is “bad,” it’s just a matter of incompatible personalities.

Read more: How to Choose the Proper Slave

About Procedure

A: Generally, if there is no visa issue, our ladies are ready to set off as soon as the client’s full payment is verified. However, if the lady has to apply for a visa, then it may take a week or sometimes even a month.

Read more: Pay On Lady’s Arrival

A: Our service is limited to mainly Asian and Western countries. For safety reasons, we cannot send our ladies to some parts of the world. Additionally, some ladies from some Asian or Eastern European countries may find it difficult to obtain a visa to enter some countries.

A: We can only provide limited services to new clients who have not submitted a Photo Deposit. This is because we have a small number of staff, and some people who are not genuine clients like to take as much time as possible by asking question after question with no real intention of booking. After you have submitted a Photo Deposit we will be glad to answer all your questions to help find the perfect lady to meet your needs. Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: It’s very difficult to provide our services at short notice. It’s better to provide a few days notice for a booking in Australia and 1 or 2 weeks notice for an overseas booking. For more details, please refer to: How To Book Your Submissive Escort

A: Please be aware that we can only confirm the service after receiving payment. You have the option to prepay a deposit equal to or greater than the cost of the services you require, enabling you to book a slave on short notice.

A: We are an agency. Our office only has computers and no girls. Usually a girl needs to be arranged several days in advance. It is difficult for us to arrange one for you in a few hours. Please understand.

A: The scope of our services is limited to verified residences and 5 star hotels. If you don’t wish to meet your slave at your home, please book a 5 star hotel or serviced apartment. Thank you for your cooperation. For more details, please refer to:  Safety Rules.

As most Chinese girls prefer to avoid their compatriots (classmates, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc.) when on a date, it is therefore better that the hotel is at a distance from Chinatown.

A: All the nude photos sent to clients have ladies’ faces covered, but they are genuine photos. The clients are welcome to visit our office to browse the original photos, without a covered face. For more details, please refer to: “How To Book Your Submissive Escort > Photo Delivery“.

A: The client will pay for the traveling expenses (airplane, train, bus, taxi, etc), including the return cost. For more details, please refer to: How To Book Your Submissive Escort > Flight Bookings

A: We will save money for our clients. Usually we choose the cheap flights for the girls and let the clients make the final decisions of the flights. However, we suggest our clients don’t choose multi stop flights for your slaves, because it will make her exhausted and affect the quality of the service providing to you afterward.

A: We can tell you the lady’s arrival time and her contact number for you to meet her at the airport. However, to protect the lady’s privacy, we cannot provide a lady’s flight ticket or booking reference number. Please refer to: How To Book Your Submissive Escort > Lady’s Privacy .

A: For safety reasons, we must have a client’s mobile number (you can use Line/Whatsapp/Wechat to communicate with the girl). Otherwise, we cannot provide service.

A: The safety and confidentiality of all our valued clients and slaves are our highest priority. We can check our database for returning clients and are delighted to have you back. However, if you only provide us with a common name like “John” or “Peter”, then we cannot assist you. Please advise us of your name and email or/and mobile number.
If you really cannot remember your old email or mobile, please pay the photo deposit to join our club again. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

A: No. To protect our clients’ privacy, we review our database regularly, and delete the clients who haven’t booked for 2 years or more. You can also ask us to delete your information at anytime. For more details, please refer to: FAQ > Clients’ Privacy.

Yes, we believe you were our client before, but now you have to pay the deposit to join our club again. Your cooperation is appreciated as we work together to protect to our client’s privacy.

A: The most common reason why people do not receive a response is because their email service has a default filter that has automatically removed our response (especially when you use Hotmail, Outlook, WEB.DE – E-Mail and some China based mail services).

Please also check the filter on your email box. You should permit all emails from “@asianslave.biz”.

Please check your “Junk Mail” folder. An email from Asian Slave Club may be mistakenly categorized as spam.

We apologise for not always replying to questions that are already answered on our site, such as “what’s your price?”. For more details, please refer to: Questions Already Answered

We will not respond to emails which do not appear to be genuine. For more details, please refer to: Some Emails We Won’t Answer

About Submissive Service

A: Please browse the website: Sex Slaves for Rent / Hire and click the chain icon on a lady’s photo and go to her profile page, where you will find the service details for this slave. In this way, we hope you will find your preferred slave, then you can book her.

A: Please check the “Services” on her profile page, you will know all her services. If a service is listed on her Service List, she can play this game. If a service is not listed on her Service List, then she can’t provide that service.

A: Every slave’s activities/ services are different and so can’t always provide the same as each other.

A: No, you cannot have sex with a slave who you have booked for a Sex Excluded service. We have many slaves who include sex and are ideal for rape fantasies. Most of the ladies who offer a Sex Excluded price will also offer a Sex Included pricing if you want sex. In Australia and most other countries it is illegal to have sex with a woman (including escorts) if they have not agreed to it.

A: According to our policy, you can play drinking/swallowing games once a day only. However, if she is willing to do more, then it is another matter. For more details, please refer to: Safety Rules > Limit of Punishment , and remember to discuss your slave’s limits with her directly before playing.

A: All slaves on our website have a “Pain Tolerance” rating. Usually slaves with a high “Pain Tolerance” can stand harder spanking / slapping play; and a low “Pain Tolerance” means light spanking only. However, everyone has a different standard for “hard” and “light”. So, in BDSM play, it’s very important that the master and slave agree on a Safe-Word (for example: Mayday) or Safe-Sign (for example: Shaking of the Head) and must always pay attention to the slave’s response. If your slave uses her pre-agreed Safe-Word or Safe-Sign, then that means the intensity of your action is unbearable for her and you MUST immediately stop to avoid injury. For more details, please refer to: Safety Rules / Limit of Punishment .

A: No. One submissive / BDSM play session should not last longer than 40 minutes. After that, the girl should get at least 20 minutes rest before next play session starts. Also, the girl should be allowed a routine life that includes dining and sleeping. For more details, please refer to: Safety Rules / The Rule for the Timing .

A: Generally our ladies are happy to know any new SM skills. However, it doesn’t mean they must accept all of them. You are welcome to teach they by language, but you cannot force them to do anything.

A: If a slave has “Shaved Pussy” on her service list, you can ask her to do so.

A: Asian Slave Club provides light to medium BDSM services only. Clients that have a “heavy taste” are not welcome. All “sex slaves” of Asian Slave Club are role-playing “slaves” (submissive escorts). They work for money, no one is a real slave. You can choose your slave(s) on: Heavy Duty / High Tolerance Slaves. However, even these heavy duty slaves, they also have limits. Please read the Services in their profile-page carefully, you can play the SM games in her List only.

A: Our ladies usually don’t have BDSM tools or toys by themselves. If our clients would like to enjoy their slaves in Sydney, they can borrow some BDSM tools / toys from the club (the slaves will bring them). However, our ladies cannot bring these things by plane or to overseas, as the airport or customs checking can make her embarrassed. If you want any outside Sydney, your slave will buy for you in the local adult shops (on your cost).

A: If you are in Sydney, you could borrow sex toys/ SM tools from the club for free (please do not damage them (including package) when you are using them.). However, for some one-off products and consumed products which like enema kit, low temperature candle, aphrodisiacs…, you need pay for them.

A: You can shoot once a day (24 hours) only. For photo shooting, 20 pieces limited per 24 hours. For video shooting, 5 minutes limited per 24 hours.

It is never acceptable to stream a video recording of your slave live to the internet. Nor are you allowed to distribute the pictures or video by any means, either free or for profit.

Please note, if you use a hidden camera, it could cause a legal problem for you. The lady than has the right to stop the service (in that case, we won’t refund any money).

For more details, please refer to: “Safety Rules > Photo/Video Shooting”.

A: This is not a problem if the lady has “Verbal Humiliation” on her service list. However, you can only use these words during SM activities. Please respect your submissive partner in non-SM play time. For more details, please refer to: How To Book > How to Get the Best Response from Your Submissive Partner .

A: If the lady and client are in the same country, then she can bring condoms with her when she visits you. However, if the lady is from overseas, then it’s better for the client to get condoms ready.

About Fees and Payment

Please move your mouse (finger on the mobile device) to girl’s photo on Our Slaves until the chain icon appears, then click the chain icon to go to her profile page. You will find all the details including prices there.

A: If you want to pay the photo deposit, you can ask for our account details by email. You can pay cash only when you visit our Sydney office.

A: You are welcome to visit our office and pay in cash (we do not have EFTPOS facilities in the office). If you are an Australian resident, please provide your Australian mobile number. If you are an overseas traveler, please provide your hotel phone number and room number. We will call you one day in advance to arrange a meeting time.


A: Please let your slave know the Extra-Charge Service(s) you would like to play in advance, and ask for her opinion. Discussing these sorts of challenging activities will help your slave prepare herself and smooth progress of the games you are playing. The Extra-Charge Service fee can be paid in cash on site to the girl before you do any of the special activities. Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: Yes, you can. You need to prepay the following fees: 1. Labor cost of A$/€/$100. 2. Toys/tools cost. 3. Taxi/Uber fee. We suggest that you prepay A$/€/$200 + your budget of toys/tools to the girl (through the Club) first, and then after you see her receipt when you meet, you can make up the difference or receive a refund as needed.

A: Clients need to pay all the fees to the company in advance unless both you and the lady are in Sydney. For more details, please refer to: How To Book Your Submissive Escort. Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: Please choose your slave (you will find her location on the website) and decided a date, then check your flights and airfare on the internet.

We will book your ticket for your girl with your money after receiving your payment for the ticket. We do not charge any booking fees, however, clients need to pay the GST(tax) of the airfare. For more details, please refer to: Sex Slave (Submissive Escort) Fees > Related Expenses

A: You must remit US dollars. When other currencies reach the USD account, they will be returned by the bank. Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: Our Australian dollar account can accept any currency. When the foreign currency arrives, it is automatically converted into Australian dollars.

Equivalent Amount Algorithm: You can roughly convert it according to the exchange rate of your local bank. After the money reaches our Australian dollar account, we will tell you the actual Australian dollar amount. The small difference will be calculated after you come to Australia.

A: By Australian bank policy, the Euro account can accept Euro transfers only. All transfers in other currencies will be rejected by our receiving bank. So please make sure you are sending Euro to our Euro account.

A: Our ladies cannot recognize all the foreign currency or know all the currency exchange rate, so we don’t accept cash payment in foreign currency. If you would like to pay service fee in cash in Sydney Australia but you don’t have AUD, please exchange the foreign currency into AUD first, then pay to the lady. You can exchange at airports, banks, money exchange shops and hotel counters.

For more details, please refer to “Policy For Payment Between Currencies” on Sex Slave Fees . Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: It is our policy to select the cheapest flights from Booking Buddy (www.bookingbuddy.com), however, we cannot guarantee the price for the airlines. We encourage our clients to verify all flights, then transfer the funds and instructions to book the flights immediately.

A: If you are in Australia, a cash deposit to our bank account before 2pm will ensure that the amount is credited to our account on the same day (except Friday afternoon). Otherwise, it will be the next business day.

If you are outside Australia and make an international bank transfer, the amount will arrive in Australia in 2-5 business days (an internet banking transfer may take longer).

Asian Slave Club has a standard procedure. We will only send the lady to you after the actual payment has been credited to our account. Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.

A: If you would like to conceal your personal and bank information when you transfer the fee, you can use the services of Moneycorp, Xoom or similar agents. Then you can send money to our account concealing your name and bank account. The anonymous money transfer usually will cost more time than normal bank TT transfer.

Please note, when you transfer the fees through an anonymous money transfer agent, as your information is hidden by the agent, we won’t know where this money come from. So please leave a short message with transfer (such as, travel, airfare, 375, a1b2, etc). Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: These options are not available at this time. You can pay by bank  transfer, cash payment at our office and cash payment on lady’s arrival (Sydney only). We accept the payments listed below 

        1, Bank transfer (T/T)
        2, Personal payment by cash at our Sydney office.
        3, Cash payment on our lady’s arrival (if both the client and the lady are in Sydney).
4, Through Anonymous Money Transfer Agents (Moneycorp, Xoom, etc)

A: We don’t accept cash / check post payment and we are not responsible for any loss of cash / check post. You are welcome to pay personally at our Sydney office.

A: Yes. Please advise your company information or/and personal name.

A: We can give you a receipt (invoice) after receiving the payment. The photo deposit receipt (invoice) won’t be sent separately, it will be signed together with service fees.

A: Our account information is correct and this is the only one.
Australian banks do not use Branch Codes or IBAN or ABA Routing, instead in Australia banks use a Swift Code in international transfer. If your netbank reports mistake, you can ask your bank staff to help you.

Read More: Can I get your Australian dollar account? (The link may not redirect properly on mobile devices. If this happens, please visit directly at: https://asianslave.biz/e/faq/#aud_ac)

Read More: Why no response? (The link may not redirect properly on mobile devices. If this happens, please visit directly at: https://asianslave.biz/e/faq/#no_response)

A: These “low cost” transfer services actually get their profit from the currency exchange. The money you lose in the exchange is far more than the bank fees. Actually remittance through a bank is the most cost-effective method.

Yes, we can give you our Australian dollar account. We will use Australian bank exchange rate to calculate your fees to AUD and plus 5% processing fee. Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: You can wire any currency to our AUD account. When your money arrives the AUD account, it will be converted to Australian dollars automatically. That is the amount we actually received. We don’t need to discuss the exchange rate. We don’t accept other currencies. Your cooperation is appreciated.

A: Most of the time, the funds sent by the client arrive as expected, but occasionally there’s a slight shortfall, which is due to bank charges. Since our clients are in different countries, we can’t always predict when a particular bank will apply charges to a transfer and when it won’t. Therefore, the Club advise clients to simply transfer the amount we specify. If there’s a slight discrepancy in the actual received amount, you can settle this with the girl upon her arrival.

A: Our fees are not negotiable. The only discount we offer is for when a client meets a girl more than once: in this case we offer a 15% off “Preferred Slave Pricing”. It means after her first booking, you only need to pay 85% of the listed price when you invite the SAME girl back again. Beyond this, we don’t offer any discounts for our ladies. For more details, please refer to: Sex Slave (Submissive Escort) Fees > Preferred Slave Pricing. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Additionally, the Club would like to remind our clients that when booking ladies, haggling over expenses is not only likely to displease the ladies but could also lead them to perceive you as financially inadequate. It’s simply not a worthwhile endeavor for you!

A: Asian Slave Club’s company policy is – if the service is carried out in Sydney Australia, you can pay on the lady’s arrival (if she is also from Sydney). Otherwise, all fees including the return airfare must be paid before the lady’s departure. Your cooperation is appreciated.
We suggest you enjoy a sex tour in Australia and meet your first lady in Sydney. You are welcome to pay the A$200 photo deposit personally in our office in Sydney CBD and browse the database to choose your slave. Then you can wait for your lady in your hotel and pay the remainder of the fee on her arrival.

A: If a client is not satisfied with a lady’s service, or a lady wants to leave earlier, please contact the club at once (before she leaves). We will fix it for you straight away.

Generally, if a lady leaves earlier without your permission, we will cut some money from her remuneration and refund to you. If you ask/agree with her to leave, we cannot refund money or give you hours back.

We pay the lady on the next day after dating. If there is no problem, we will remit the remuneration in time. So if there are any problems, you must immediately notify us. If a lady has been paid, there is little we can do.

A: If a lady wishes to stop dating or to delete her photo/profile then she must inform us herself. We will not be advised by any individual other than the lady herself and under such circumstances we will not refund the booking fee.


A: No. You can book a submissive escort from us for a maximum of 12 month at a time. When your booking is finished, if you like her service and she also wants to continue, you can book her again. However, no matter how long you book her submissive services, a lady from Asian Slave Club is a “role-play” slave (submissive escort) only and she will never become a “real” slave. You must follow all the Safety Policies when you play SM games with your submissive escort. For more details, please refer to: Safety Rules in BDSM Play. Your cooperation is aproiated. 

A: Yes. After you have paid the photo deposit, we will provide you with another email address. At this moment, you can communicate with us though the form in our website.  

A: Yes, we can arrange this. However, in most countries these tests are not free, and there are traffic and time costs. Therefore, we charge a flat fee of A$/€/$550 (prepay).

Please note, after the test, you are still required to practice safe sex and use a condom.

A: Asian Slave Club absolutely does not tolerate racial or religious discrimination, and we reject any gentleman or lady who displays discriminatory tendencies from joining our membership.

Every woman has her own preferences when choosing whom to date. It’s usually not about discrimination, but more about their personal likes and dislikes, little things they keep to themselves. When a lady declines a date, the Club simply communicates her decision to the client without asking her to clarify her “reasons for refusal.”

In fact, most of the time, a lady’s reasons for declining a date with a particular gentleman aren’t that complex. It could simply be because she’s on her period, or she’s studying for exams or too busy with work, among other things. Of course, if you’ve been rejected three times in a row by the same lady, we would advise you to stop asking her out and instead, please try to ask out other slaves.

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