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4/7/24  Beautiful Submissive Student SM539 is registered in Singapore.

17/7/24  Submissive Nurse SM536 is available in Berlin Germany now.

5/6/24  Cute and Beautiful Slave SM522 will be in USA between later June and late July, then come back to Australia.

26/5/24  Student Masochist SM514 has moved to Los Angeles USA

10/5/24  SM519 will be available from 1st Jun.

7/5/24  SM500 can do Fostering Package and Tuition & Home-stay Package now.

18/4/24  Beautiful Student SM537 is registered in Melbourne Australia.

15/4/24  Submissive Nurse SM536 is registered in Berlin Germany.

19/3/24  Submissive Student SM467 is available in Beijing China now.

23/2/24  Teacher Slave SM535 is registered in Johor Bahru Malaysia.

12/3/24  Beautiful Student Slave SM458 is available in NYC USA now.

18/2/24  Japanese Slave SM534 is registered in Sydney Australia.

17/2/24  Hongkonger Slave SM533 is registered in Melbourne Australia.

24/2/24  Taiwanese Slave SM519 has moved to Melbourne Australia.

30/12/23  Virgin Submissive Student SM532 is registered in Taiwan.

27/12/23  Student Slave SM531 is registered in Sydney Australia.

25/12/23  Taiwanese Slave SM530 is registered in Melbourne Australia.

19/1/24  Beautiful Slave SM453 has developed her service and price.

27/11/23  Well-educated Student Slave SM529 is registered in Boston USA.

24/11/23  Submissive Virgin SM528 is registered in Tokyo Japan.

8/11/23  Real Masochist SM526 is registered in Taiwan.

24/11/23  Beautiful and heavy duty slave SM521 is available in Sydney Australia now.

23/11/23  Mature Sex Slave SM492 is available in Phoenix USA now.

20/10/23  BDSM Student SM524 registered in New York USA.

28/10/23 Beautiful Student Slave SM476 has developed her service and changed prices.

29/9/23  Beautiful Submissive Student SM524 registered in Boston USA.

26/9/23  Submissive Lady SM523 registered in Vancouver Canada.

22/9/23  Cute and Beautiful Slave SM522 registered in Melbourne Australia.

15/9/23  Beautiful Masochist SM521 registered in Sydney Australia.

15/9/23  Submissive Student SM520 registered in Sydney Australia.

4/9/23  Student Slave SM519 registered in Brisbane / Gold Coast Australia.

24/9/23 Cute Slave SM505 has changed her prices.

19/9/23  Beautiful Slave SM495 has come back.

30/8/23  SM505 has moved to Korea.

29/8/23 Beautiful Slave SM515 has developed her service and she will be in Sydney from 1st – 4th Sep.

19/8/23 Beautiful Slave SM453 will be available in Hong Kong on 21st, 22nd, 29th, 30th, 31st Aug. 

16/7/23 Beautiful Slave SM515 registered in Melbourne Australia.

10/8/23  Student/Dancer  Slave SM496 is available now.

11/7/23 Student Masochist SM514 registered in Seoul Korea.

3/7/23 Indian slave SM513 registered in Gurgaon India.

22/7/23 Beautiful Slave in UK – SM453 has developed her service and reduced her prices.

29/5/23 Real Masochist SM512 registered in Los Angeles and Las Vegas USA.

9/6/23 Beautiful Slave SM507 has moved to Lisbon Portugal and developed her service.

5/6/23 Eurasian Sex Slave SM434 is available now.

29/4/23 Beautiful Student SM511 registered in London UK.

27/4/23 Natural Submissive Student SM510 registered in Canberra Australia.

16/4/23 Beautiful Submissive SM509 registered in Rome / Palermo Italy.

30/4/23  SM503 has developed her Service List.

22/4/23  SM505 has developed her Service List.

26/3/23 Honest Submissive Student SM508 registered in Beijing China.

24/3/23 Beautiful Submissive Student SM507 registered in Berlin Germany.

22/3/23  Good Slave SM418 is available in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now.

19/2/23 Beautiful Submissive Escort SM506 registered in Vilnius Lithuania.

19/2/23 Beautiful Student Submissive SM505 registered in China / Korea.

26/1/23 Submissive Student SM504 registered in Brisbane Australia.

20/1/23 Black Submissive Girl SM503 registered in Melbourne / Gold Coast Australia.

3/2/23  Beautiful Australian Slave SM422 is available now.

6/1/23 Beautiful Student Masochist SM502 registered in Tokyo Japan.

5/1/23 Pretty BDSM Girl SM501 registered in Sydney / Melbourne Australia.

17/1/23  Cute Slave Girl SM480 is available now.

8/12/22 Submissive Student Girl SM500 registered in Melbourne Australia.

5/12/22 Submissive Teacher SM499 registered in Paris France.

29/11/22 Blonde Submissive SM498 registered in Heidelberg Germany.

20/12/22  Eurasian Sex Slave in Bangkok Thailand SM434 is available again.

19/12/22 Plane model Slave SM497 has changed her price.

28/11/22 Plane model Slave SM497 registered in Switzerland / Taiwan.

17/11/22  Flight Attendant Sex Slave SM323 is in London now.

10/10/22 Submissive PhD Student / Dancer SM496 registered in Los Angeles.

29/9/22 Virgin Slave SM464 has reduced her price.

28/9/22 Beautiful slave SM495 registered in Sydney Australia.

14/9/22 Student Masochist SM494 registered in Sydney Australia.

11/9/22 Beautiful Student Slave SM493 registered in Canberra Australia.

10/9/22 Mature Sex Slave SM492 registered in Taiwan.

5/9/22 Elegant submissive SM490 registered in Sydney Australia.

3/9/22 Student submissive SM489 registered in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

2/9/22 Virgin student submissive SM488 registered in London UK.

21/8/22 Beautiful slave SM487 registered in Sydney Australia.

16/8/22 Student Masochist SM486 registered in Toronto Canada.

16/8/22 Beautiful student slave SM482 has developed her service.

21/7/22  Pretty Slave SM485 registered in Johor Malaysia.

18/7/22 Natural submissive SM484 registered in Adelaide Australia.

17/7/22 Nurse slave SM483 registered in Singapore.

16/7/22 Beautiful student slave (virgin) SM482 registered in Sydney Australia.

7/7/22 Virgin natural submissive SM481 registered in Brisbane / Gold Coast Australia.

19/6/22 Cute slave girl SM480 registered in Sydney Australia.

17/6/22 Beautiful submissive SM479 registered in Paris France.

16/6/22 Polish slave SM478 registered in Warsaw Poland.

29/5/22 Natural Submissive SM474 registered in Philadelphia USA.

20/5/22 Student slave SM476 registered in Madrid Spain.

19/5/22 Celebrity submissive SM475 registered in Toronto Canada.

8/5/22 Pretty student Slave SM473 registered in Rome Italy.

7/5/22 Chinese student submissive SM472 registered in Tokyo Japan.

12/4/22 Beautiful student submissive SM471 registered in Glasgow UK.

18/3/22 Black slave SM470 registered in Ankara Turkey

6/1/22 Submissive Student SM469 registered in Paris France.

2/10/21 Student slave SM467 registered in London UK.

11/9/21 SM460 has left.

14/8/21 Beautiful slave SM465 registered in London UK.

2/8/21  SM452 has left.

30/7/21 Virgin Submissive SM464 registered in Los Angeles USA.

11/7/21 Taiwanese Submissive SM463 registered in San Francisco USA.

6/7/21 Black submissive SM462 registered in London UK.

22/5/21 Student slave sm461 registered in Taipei Taiwan.

1/5/21 Natural submissive SM460 registered in Melbourne Australia

24/4/21 Virgin Submissive SM459 registered in New York USA.

24/4/21 Beautiful slave SM458 registered in Paris France.

27/3/21 SM457 has left.

3/3/21  Virgin submissive SM457 registered in Hong Kong China.

28/2/21  Student slave SM456 registered in Taipei Taiwan.

9/2/21  Good slave SM455 registered in Sydney Australia.

14/1/21  Office Submissive SM454 registered in Sydney Australia.

12/1/21  Piano slave SM453 registered in Budapest Hungary.

8/12/20  Student slave SM452 registered in Melbourne Australia.

21/10/20  SM448 has left.

2/9/20 Australian office slave SM451 registered in Sydney Australia.

15/7/20  Mature slave SM450 registered in Sydney Australia.

19/6/20  Celebrity slave SM448 registered in Sydney Australia.


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