SM521 – Beautiful Masochist in Sydney Australia

>> Profile

> Degree of Submissiveness:
> Pain Tolerance:
> English Proficiency:

> Description

This sex slave (submissive escort) is 22 years old, 1.63m, 49kg, a student in Sydney Australia.
She is beautiful and submissive, can do 215 kinds of submissive services.
She is a natural Masochist.
This is one of our most beautiful and best slaves.
She is available in Australia.
Other Language: Chinese.


>> Resume

> 1. Regarding my daily situation… more

> 1,关于我的日常情况… 更多


>> Favorites

To sum up: This new girl is a born masochist, she prefers to enjoy sexless BDSM, especially heavy spanking.

  • Spanking
  • Palm Punishment
  • Bastinado
  • Water plays / torture
  • Slave Cage
  • Limited photo/video with mask
  • Keeping Master’s penis in my mouth when he is working in office
  • Deep Throat / Violent Oral Rape
  • Forced Dancing with her Master’s Penis in her Mouth
  • Being raped
  • Being gang raped $
  • Having needles used on her bottom before being fucked $
  • Being spanked to red and blue ass by her master before being fucked $
  • Sex with my master in front of guests
  • Sex with master in public
  • Fully naked in public
  • Continuously licking the anus for her Master until he falls asleep $
  • Sleeping overnight with master’s penis in her mouth $
  • Forced Dick Sucking after pissing
  • Chamber Pot (drink all her master’s piss for a full day) $
  • Toilet Paper Tongue (after wiping bottom) $
  • Two sister slaves servicing one Master


>> Services

> Bedroom – when the slave services you in your bedroom, she can provide below services.

> Power & Control – demonstrate ultimate control by showing off your slave to your friends, she will obey her master and provide the below services.

> Outdoor & Public – when you bring your slave to outdoor or public, she can provide below services.

> Bathroom – when the slave services you in your bathroom/toilet (your private toilet, not public one), she can provide below services.


>> Fees

This slave offers two options for how she can serve you:

  • Sex Included: She will provide all her normal sexual and SM services as listed above
  • Sex Excluded: Other than vaginal sex or anal sex, she will provide all the SM services listed above, including hugging, kissing, nudity, massage and oral.

This slave has 5 types of service fee (3 Test Dating, 2 Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Packages) –

> Test Dating

  • Daytime Dating
    You can meet with this slave at daytime 6 Hours (end before 10pm) in her city.
    A$/€/$ 4,500 (sex included)
    A$/€/$ 1,333 (sex excluded)
  • Overnight Dating
    You can meet with this slave overnight 12 Hours in her city.
    A$/€/$ 5,333 (sex included)
    A$/€/$ 1,667 (sex excluded)
  • Full-day Dating
    You can keep meeting with this slave for whole day (24 hours).
    Sex included: A$/€/$6,167
    Sex excluded: A$/€/$2,000

> Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package

  • Sponsorship Package
    You and this slave live separately, but meet 2 days per week, totally 8 times a month, in her city.
    Sex included: A$/€/$16,667/month
    Sex excluded: A$/€/$10,000/month
  • Tuition & Home-stay Package
    You prepay all or part of her tuition fees for a semester and provides her accommodation. The slave will live with you for the semester. However, during this period, she can still go for the dating from ASC.
    3 Months’ Tuition Fee:
    A$/€/$ 33,333 (sex included)
    A$/€/$ 16,667 (sex excluded)
    Pocket Money:
    A$/€/$ 6,667/month (sex included)
    A$/€/$ 3,333/month (sex excluded)


>> Status

  • Availability: No
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