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Asian Slave Club is mainly male dominant – female submissive service. Therefore, most of our sex slaves are female submissives.

On this page, we list our female slaves in different categories based on their area and their characteristics, so that you can find a suitable sex slave.

Let your imagination run wild, and find the perfect slave to meet your needs. On this page you’ll find a wide variety of sex slaves (submissive escorts), whether you want someone to suffer your depravity, comply with your choicest kinks, or simply be an obedient, glamorous ornament.

In addition, we also have some BDSM services with relatively small demand, which are listed in Other BDSM Services . Although they are not only “niche”, they are also unique.

Slave Category by Regions

Most of our sex slaves (submissive escorts) are willing and able to travel for the opportunity to devote themselves to your pleasure. We have slaves living in all regions of the world, so please chose below if you would like to see who are close to where you live or if you would like someone local as the ultimate “tour guide with benefits”.

Slave Category by Interests

We all have different interests, desires and preferences. The greatest aspect of BDSM is the ability to cater to your expectations, and craft an experience unique to you. While most slaves can do a wide variety of play, if there is a characteristic you find absolutely essential please start here by allowing us to recommend sex slaves (submissive escorts) that meet your needs.

Slave Lists by Ethnicity

Most of our submissive escorts are Asians, but we also have many popular white and black ladies in this club. Here are the sex slaves (submissive escorts) by Ethnicity.

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