SM529 – I Want to Submit to your Mastery

Hello, my name is Moon. I’m a 164cm,  50kg girl (5’4”, 110lb). I have masochist tendencies and enjoy being dominated. I want to submit to your mastery. When I watch movies, I secretly fantasize about being kidnapped and gang-raped, which gives me a very strange feeling. When I see the movie heroines being caught and tied up, I imagine myself in their role. I particularly like office scenes with the hot secretary in high heels and a tight skirt as she seductively enters her boss’ office, but I don’t know if places like that still exist for me to work in. When I read books, I love fantasizing about being a maid, wearing a maid uniform and serving in front my master and his friends.

I once had a dominant boyfriend who liked to play SM games and push my limits. When we were together, he would often tie me up, insert toys that drive me wild, whip me, and when he was finally ready he would force himself into me. I was once pushed into a department store fitting room to give him oral. These games are so exciting and unbelievably hot. I believe I can also serve you well, my Sugar Daddy.

>> My Characteristics

  • Particularly afraid of pain
  • I like SM a little bit
  • Like to be controlled by the master
  • Likes mental humiliation
  • Like to be trained in public
  • Like to be forced to be naked
  • Like to be trained by the male master
  • Like to be trained by the couple master
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