SM515 – I am Looking forward to Being Trained

Dear Sugar Daddy, I just graduated from University and was majored in journalism, I only had two boyfriends before, and was in a long distance relationship with my exboyfriend , so my sexual experience is really little, but I have been very eager to be trained and developed sexually. You can be my master! I am very looking forward to having you to develop my body and we can explore more possibilities together. I am also very good at cooking, singing and is good at housework. I also like telling jokes which makes everyone laugh. I am gentle, patient, loving and caring especially to the elder. I like looking after the elder and spending time with them. I used to look after my grandpa when he had cancer, I went to hospital and looked after him everyday and spent the last month of his life with him during my winter holiday, I am very thankful that I could look after him and spent time with him at his last stage of life while I was in my winter holiday at uni. I wish my accompany can bring you lots of joy and caring!

Due to some changes and financial difficulties in my family, I need to work several jobs to cover the expenses of my family, but I can’t afford it now, I am so exhausted. This is also the reason why I come here to look for the help of you. I hope that I can have someone who can care for me, protect me, give me a support, and help me solve my accommodation issue and daily needs. I am a very grateful and genuine person, you are good to me, I will return ten times, to bring you unforgettable good company!

Due to little sexual experience, I have never tried SM, but I am looking forward to being trained please, my situation is like the heroine in the movie “fifty shades of grey”. I used to fantasize about being spanked really hard while having sex, and I used to fantasize about being raped, tied up, having sex outdoors, wearing nothing but my underwear under a trench coat and being fucked really hard in a park when there is no one. I also want to try having sex in front of friends. I really looking forward to spending time with you and let’s have fun!

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