SM337 – Wonderful Sex Slave in Taiwan

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Degree of Submissiveness:
Pain Tolerance:
English Proficiency:


— Profile
This sex slave (submissive escort) is 26 years old, 1.70m, 59kg, a Master degree student in Taipei Taiwan.
She is pretty and submissive, can do 190 kinds of submissive services.
This lady is a natural submissive.
She is one of our best slaves.
This slave is available worldwide.
Other Language: Chinese, Taiwanese.


— Resume
I grew up in a well-to-do family, my father is the Senior Director of an enterprise, in my childhood memories, his wear nice suits and tell gentle stories to me, When I made mistake , he is going to spank me harsh and hard. Once, I was being spanked and my pussy become wet, I feel the unprecedented sense of shame and subtle pleasures, It’s time to tell the parents that I have grown up and do not spank me again, but that disciplinary control feeling was always memorable. when i recall my father’s guidance and a hug, i hope for a Daddy to appears, you can continue to discipline and taught me more things to adults (shame), so I’ve always be Daddy’s baby girl.


— Feedback
> SM337 is very beautiful and submissive. She was willing to try everything I asked for and made my time with her very enjoyable. She has a lovely personality and a great sense of fun. I would definitely want to see her again. Thank you for recommending her.
> SM337 was very good. She did everything I’d asked of her. I was very happy with her.


— Favorites
To sum up: this slave is very submissive. She enjoys pony play, heavy spanking and forced anal sex.
When making mistakes, punished by 10 slapped herself
Forced long duration, non-stop oral sex for her master for 1 hour
Forced long duration, non-stop foot licking for her master for 1 hour
Forced long duration, non-stop anal licking for her master for 1 hour
Pony Play
Slave Training
Forced anal sex
Being a naked maid to service guests
Being slapped by her master
Being spanked to red ass by her master before being fucked $
Being strapped to red/swollen pussy by her master before being fucked $
(Services marked with $ require an extra charge. See pricing details in Services below)


— Services

Bedroom – when the slave services you in your bedroom, she can provide below services.

Power & Control – demonstrate ultimate control by showing off your slave to your friends or bring her to your office, she will obey her master and provide the below services.

Outdoor & Public – when you bring your slave to outdoor or public, she can provide below services.


— Fees

This slave has 4 types of service fee (2 Test Dating, 2 Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Packages) –

>> Test Dating

> Half-day Dating
You can meet with this slave for half day in her city.
Daytime (before 10pm) 8 Hours: A$/€/$ 2,240
Overnight 11 Hours: A$/€/$ 2,240

> Full-day Dating
You can keep meeting with this slave for whole day (24 hours/day).
1 Day: A$/€/$ 2,800
2 Days: A$/€/$ 4,600
Add. Day: A$/€/$ 1,200

>> Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package

> Sponsorship Package
You and this slave live separately, but meet 1 time per week in her city.
Month: A$/€/$ 5,800 (full day x 4), A$/€/$ 4,800 (half day x 4), A$/€/$ 4,000 (4 hours x 4)

> Fostering Package
You and this slave live together like a couple, or travel together for holidays.
Week: A$/€/$ 9,500
Month: A$/€/$ 25,000


— Status

>> Availability: No

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