SM522 – I Am on the M Side

Hello, it’s our first time meeting you. Please take good care of me. I graduated from Balwyn High in Australia and have just entered Melbourne university. I am currently majoring in chemistry. Due to some reasons, I really don’t want to continue. Now I hope to change my major. I want to study nursing.I hope I can find a father to help me, or if there is a father who is willing to help me, I also want to transfer to the United States,if I have the chance to study in the United States, I would also like to go and stay.
You can call me Enen. I am a Taurus in May, I am a greedy foodie. When we first meet, I will be shy and introverted. Once we get to know each other, I will be lively and cheerful, a little clingy and coquettish. My personality is gentle, loving, careful, and caring and obedient, as long as it is not unreasonable, can agree to high emotional intelligence, do not make trouble, know what to say and what not to do, will not affect your private life, only got one ex , but never really experienced a true love, there is still a good vision of love, want to meet true love, want to find a man who can take care of me and love me ,won’t make me cry anymore and I want to be loved and happy like other girls.
About sm, I should start from my friend’s side, my bestie shared me something about her and her partner, which aroused my curiosity and I want to try it. I feel that I am on the m side, but I am not sure because I have not tried it yet, but when it comes to spanking, I feel excited. However, I am afraid of painful flogging and may be afraid and refuse But I’m not sure how many levels I can do, so should we explore together? And I’m a neat freak who can’t stand odors/dirt, but the advantage is that if one day we live together, I will make the house very clean and cozy. If you want to have a good time, you can pick me. Thank you
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