SM352 – Beautiful AV Actress & Model Slave in Tokyo Japan

Degree of Submissiveness:
Pain Tolerance:
English Proficiency:

This sex slave (submissive escort) is 28 years old, 1.64m, 49kg, a Japanese AV actress and model in Tokyo Japan.
She is beautiful and elegant, can do 165 kinds of submissive services.
This is one of our most beautiful slaves.
This slave is available worldwide.

— Resume
I am used to be a pit girl when I was a university student. Then I worked as an actress and model for many years. Also I used to worked in USA and Canada for 3 years, so I can speak English. Now I’m looking for a home for myself.

— Her Favorites
Sum up: this slave likes soft style SM plays.
Office Slave
Private Photo/Video without Mask
Harem Slaves
Anal Licking
Dancing naked for guests

When 1 or 2 Guests Come to Master’s Home –
Being a naked maid to service guests
Dancing naked for guests
Obeying her master’s command to kneel in front of a guest
Obeying her master’s command to kowtow to a guest

This slave has 4 types of service fee (2 Test Dating, 2 Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Packages) –

A1) Daytime Dating
A kind of Test Dating. The slave can meet you at daytime and evening (before 10pm) in Tokyo.
8 Hours: $2,240

A2) Full Day Dating
A kind of Test Dating. The slave will stay with you for whole day (24 hours/day).
1 Day: A$/€/$ 2,800
2 Days: A$/€/$ 4,600
Add. Day: A$/€/$ 1,200

B1) Sponsorship
A kind of Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package. You live separately, but meet 2-3 times per week (daytime/evening meeting only before 10pm) in Tokyo.
Week: $3,000
Month: $9,000

B2) Fostering
A kind of Sugar Daddy – Sugar Baby Package. You live together like a couple, or travel together for holidays.
Week: A$/€/$ 9,500
Month: A$/€/$ 25,000

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