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This is a community for BDSM fetish enthusiasts. Anyone who loves SM can express his/her feeling and share their experiences here.

·                  Visitors can browse the forum and post text. Visitors cannot view pictures or videos.

·                  After registering with an email address, you can see and post pictures, videos and audio files.

·                  The maximum total file size is 256MB for any post

·                  This forum cannot be used for escort bookings at Asian Slave Club. If you have any escort enquiries, please use the Asian Slave Club Contact Form.

·                  Asian Slave Club clients please do not post the photo or videos of the girls from Asian Slave Club in this forum (unless she requests this).

·                  This forum allows advertisements from SM related stores, locations or services, excluding other escort agencies.

·                  Advertisements for other topics (especially spam, malware, or phishing links) may be deleted without notice.

·                  This forum does not allow child pornography or any other illegal content that violates Australian laws.

·                  This forum recruits moderators, photographers, painters and models. Apply by email to:


The forum moderators:

·                  Have the right to delete or alter any post or content at any time, and at their sole discretion.

·                  Any content that appears illegal (even if it is borderline) may be deleted without warning. Eg If your 18 year old slave looks like a child, please don’t post pictures.

·                  Have the right to suspend or cancel accounts at any time, and at their sole discretion. Normally this will only be done for repeated breaches of our rules.

·                  May chose to lock a topic if it is too long, significantly off topic, or degenerates into pointless insults. This will be done at their sole discretion


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