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News Release - Super Slave Looking for Homestay  


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13/04/2019 11:04 am  

Super Slave SM419 is Looking for Master / Sugar Daddy and Homestay in Australia.


Resume of SM419

I have parents, but I live almost alone from childhood. I take care of myself. From my teenage, I was eager to have a Master who would protect me and take care of me forever. I used to think that I found my Master. I serviced and obeyed him wholeheartedly. But in the end I was still alone. I'm still waiting for him.
The dream of my life is to find a Master who can completely control me and make me willing to do everything for him!
My dream is to be a slave of a stern Master. Except he take me out, I am completely isolated. Some slave sisters live with me as well. We serve our Master together. If one of us has a mistake, Master will strip us with a belt on our nude body. There were many wounds on me. We lick Master’s cock at same time. All of us want Master cum in our mouth. Then we kiss and share the cum with each other. The girl who perform the worst get punishment: she will get enema in the bathroom. Filled a lot of water in her anal with anal plug then hang her up and rest of us whip her until dawn.
Particularly I hope that I can be taken as a dog with collar and leash. I imagined that one day I can serve Master’s guests in the party. When they are talking about their business, I serve them under the table like a faithful dog. When Master is happy, he will play with my naked body. Or ask me do oral sex for him. I knee between his legs and keep his huge cock into my throat deeply and choke myself. Finally I got praises from the guests, Master touched my hair with satisfaction. He spit his own chewing food on the ground as a reward. I am very happy to lie on the floor licking them clean. . . . . .
I wish I could have a long term relationship with my Master. I will be willing to do anything for him, including something I don’t like to do. For example: drink urine and so on. These things I will only do for my long-term Master! If I love my Master, I will like the taste of his body, including the smell of cock and urine. They make me feel warm and excited. My favourite is my Master’s urine, it is always with a strong and sexy feeling. I will beg Master to pour the urine on my face every day. I will eagerly lick off all the urine on the body and ground. It makes me fell I am a real slave belongs to my Master!
I also hope my Master is not only in the SM relationship but also a leader in my life. I give myself to him. Hope he can help me study abroad and control my future and my career. In our relationship he could love me, care about me, control me, punish me, and control me, I want to be my Master’s slave forever!
Now I'm planing the a Master Degree study in Australia. I'm looking for a Master / Sugar Daddy who can pay my tuition fee.

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let's see; wishing to be the Sugar Dady for her


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