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Welcome to contact with Asian Slave Club.

Our service is suitable for the Masters who are looking for the long-term submissive lovers. Our services start from a single day with a slave, to being able to offer some ladies for up to a few months or even years.

Our ladies adopt the role of a sex slave, but are not actually owned. Please obey the Safety Rules in SM playing to avoid injury. The “heavy taste” clients are not welcome.

Our clients are welcome to contact us by email, telephone or visit our Sydney office.

Our office address: 65 Elizabeth St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia

Our office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

You will need to make an appointment.

Telephone: +61 1300 558035 (We do not answer hidden/internet numbers or text messages)

New clients must contact us by email first. We do not accept telephone reservations or price or service inquiries. We will not answering such questions on the phone (eg, “Hi, I want to book a slave …”, “How much…”, “Which girl is available?”, “Where are you?” etc.)

Our regular clients can call us when they encounter any emergency in dating (eg, “I have something urgent, I have to leave tonight…”, “I have been at the airport for an hour, and she has not yet come out… “I would like to ask you to help her change the return ticket, I need her to accompany me for 2 days more …”).

Our clients are welcome to book and inquiry via email (first time though the form on the website).  

Asian Slave Club receive a significant number of enquiries every day; however, most of these enquiries have been answered in FAQ. Please read How To Book Your Submissive Escort and FAQ before making any enquiry. We will not respond to an enquiry that has been answered in our FAQ , such as: “What’s your price?”, “What’s the total cost for your slave to come here?”, “Can I pay on the lady’s arrival?”, ‘Who is available?/Do you have a slave in XXXX?”, “Where are you?”, “How can I make a booking?”, “How to pay photo deposit?”, “How much is the air fare?”, “Which slave can do XXXX service?”, “Can I book for 1 hour?”, “I don’t want to send you the money from my bank account or using my real name…”, “I am worried this is a scam…”, “Why no response?”… etc.

If you would like to book a slave, please fill out the “Slave Booking Form” below.

Asian Slave Club will reply to any serious booking within 24 hours; however, we will not respond to emails which appear not to be genuine.

Slave Booking Form

Please note:
– We do not negotiate fees.
– Clients need to pay all fees to the company in advance unless both you and the lady are in Sydney.
– We don’t have an hourly service.
– If you do not receive any response in your “Inbox” within 24 hours, please check your “Junk Mail” folders or ring us.

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