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Submissive Escort Fees



Asian Slave Club provides services on a global basis. Our fee structure for submissive escort services is listed below. The cost of airfares and Visas, if required, are in addition to the fee for escort services. For further information on airfares,  please refer to: " How To Book / Flight Bookings". All fees are NOT NEGOTIABLE.



Service fees in Australia and New Zealand are in Australian dollars.

Service fees in European countries are in Euros.

Service fees in all other countries are in US dollars.



Airfares are in addition to service fees.

All fees must be settled prior to the lady's departure.

Fees are based on a minimum of 1 day when the lady and client are in the same country.

Fees are based on a minimum of 2 days when the lady and client are on the same continent but in a different country.

Fees are based on a minimum of 3 days when the lady and client are on a different continent.


Travel Time:

Travel time for the lady is not charged.


Policy For Payment Between Currencies:

Bank Transfer -

When a payment is wired in a currency other than the receiving account currency (for example: you wire USD to our AUD account, wire Euro to our USD account, etc.), we will tell you the amount actually arrives. Clients are not required to send Bank Transfer Receipts. Please note: all bank fees are the responsibility of the client and must be paid in addition to the service fee.

Cash Payment -

When fees paid in cash in a different currency (for example: pay US dollar cash in Sydney Australia, etc.), they are calculated using Yahoo Currencies Centre rates.

Our Fees:


Submissive Escort Fees

First Day

A$//$ 2,500

First 3 Days

A$//$ 4,500

Add. Day

A$//$ 1,500

First Week

A$//$ 7,500

Add. Week

A$//$ 6,500

First Month

A$//$ 16,000

Add. Month

A$//$ 14,000


When a client orders more than one slave at a time, a discount of 5% is received for the additional slaves.


Photo Deposit



1 day = 24 hours

1 week = 7 days

1 month = 30 days

1 year = 365 days

Airfare and accommodation excluded





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