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Mistress Dating


At Asian Slave Club, we can also provide you with a strong, elegant dominatrix who specialises in BDSM. Under her firm hand you will be controlled by the fine arts of bondage, discipline, slave training, cross dressing, and many other fetishes, fantasies and BDSM related practices.

Our beautiful mistresses enjoy exploring your fancies, crafting your dreams into reality. We have fantasy Goddesses with exquisite, soft, silky bodies and sharp, kinky minds. They would love to share your fantasies, dreams and desires and they will understand your deepest wishes, allowing you to role-play your darkest or most shamefully fulfilling needs.

No two sessions are ever the same, especially with the long duration visits we have on offer. Just imagine the thrill of day-after-day of intense subjugation. Come and speak to us about your role playing fantasies, whether you want to be verbally abused, tortured, humiliated, controlled, sissified or held in the most restrictive bondage, we will make your dream come true.

If your interests lie more in the arena of distance training, please ask us about phone, email or online training, and prepare yourself to obey your Mistress.



Available Lady





Mistress Dating Fee

First Day

A$/€/$ 2,000

Add. Day

A$/€/$ 1,500

First 3 Day

A$/€/$ 4,000

First Week

A$/€/$ 6,800

Add. Week

A$/€/$ 5,800

First Month

A$/€/$ 16,000

Add. Month

A$/€/$ 13,500





  §  Degree of Domination


1: While she can do SM, she does not have a dominant personality, and requires a submissive or compliant client


2: Has a dominant or adventurous personality, but limited experience


3: Charismatic and forceful, and appreciates the difference between being dominant and just being a bitch


4: Dominant personality, backed by experience and knowledge of the tricks to establish your position over another


5: Dominant, self-confident, and able to express this in multiple ways. Eg Traditional mistress, charming but strict, seductive or romantic while being forceful and authoritive








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