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Live-in Slave


Our Live-in Slave Service is suitable for Masters looking for a long term slave who will live with them and serve them as needed. This is the perfect arrangement for a Master seeking a beautiful submissive woman to live with, while retaining control over the length and details of that relationship. Some Masters are looking for slaves who can live with them in a long-term relationship (house slave) and some of our girls are looking for an arrangement that enables them to attend classes and study during the daytime. The Live-in Slave Service is ideal for them both.

The Slaves available for this service have lives and interests that they wish to pursue. This means that while your slave is living with you, she may need to go to school, a job or even a dating. However someone might stay home with you the whole time if she doesn't a class, job or dating. Every girl is different, you are welcome to check with us about your slave and we will help the Master and slave discuss their unique arrangement.

Because this is for a long term master-slave relationship, you can also agree your expectations for public attire. Will the slave wear a discrete collar or a chastity belt to prove your ownership? Or do you only expect SM play to occur in private?

Live-In Slaves are ideal for modern professional men. You have long term slave at a very reasonable price, and you are the one who decides if you are ready to end the relationship and move on to a different woman. It is perfect for those who work for a living, because your slave charges less because she may also have commitments during the day. No messy dating. No need to try to explain to a novice why you are interested in SM. No marriage lock-in. No financial commitments beyond your monthly arrangement.

In the "Live-in Slave" arrangement, the slave can leave for dating. If a slave is absent less than 7 days in a month, you won't get any days back; however if your slave is absent more than 1 week (7 days) in a month, the booking will be extended by any days over the 7 days absence as compensation. So to get your money more value, you can choose a non-busy girl as you your live-in slave.

If a Master decides to cancel this service, they have two choices:
 - Pay-out the remainder of the current month.
 - Pay the pro-rata charges for our Submissive Escort pricing, based on the duration of her visit in the current month.

This provides safety and security for both the Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Baby. If you meet and the chemistry just is not present, you can cancel, and just pay the normal fees for a single day or week (depending on how long she stayed). You are also protected, because you can cancel at any time, and never have a greater risk than your current month’s charges.

It is recommended that a client books his slave for 2-3 days to get know each other before you and the lady decide to live together for a whole month.

Below are our Live-In Slaves -


Available Slaves

(Hong Kong only)
(Japan only)
(Japan only)
(available worldwide)
(available worldwide)
(available worldwide)
(Sydney only)


(available worldwide)
(Sydney only)
(Brisbane only)
(available worldwide)
(Europe only)

Only the ladies listed here are available for this service.

This service is available for regular clients only.

The promo discount will not applied in this service.


First Month

A$//$ 5,800

Add Month

A$//$ 4,800






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