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24x7 Sex Slave Service


You might have a car, a house, a yacht, or even have a private aircraft... but it's still not a full, perfect life. The perfect life for a man or couple must include a slave that will serve your every need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for as long as you hire her.

Have a taste of how the aristocracy live, ancient Oriental palace life, or enjoy the heyday of royal authority. Experience what it truly means to have someone serve you, and to be able to fully rule your slave's life. When you are able to control and dominate another person 24 hours a day, you will find the true essence of their submission.

Asian Slave Club offers the 24x7 Sex Slave service to our high-end clients. This service is generally offered to wealthy gentlemen and couples. It starts from 3 days, and can extend to several months if that is your desire. We select our best possible slaves for this program, who are all naturally submissive. The fees for the 23x7 Sex Slave service are 20% more than her regular slave service for one client, and 35% more for the couple. This cost is definitely worth it, or even more, as you get to possess, command and debase your slave 24 hours a day.

Normally our slaves need a break after each session. Normal ladies need to rest and recover. With a 24x7 Sex Slave, she is willing to submit for as long as you want to play. When you finally tire, you can put her in a cage and continue to live out your fantasies.

Our 24x7 slave are deeply committed to delivering the ultimate experience to you. Read the full details of the slave's commitment of obedience to you. Naturally, this can be adjusted to meet your exact preferences for the slave's behaviour.





Available 24x7 Sex Slaves

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