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I AM Slave Dog

Hello, I am Slave Dog. I have recently discovered this website and decided to apply for a position in your Club. In everyday vanilla life I work at a hospital as a nurse.

And there is me who is a slave created to please my Dominant.  I discovered it highly pleasurable to submit to a Dominant's will. In vanilla life I am a competent and successful woman yet even before I was exposed to the submissive role I was called to it by my earliest fantasies. The attraction to it is even stronger than to my chosen professional life because I was called to it from a place deep within me. Being able to submit makes me integrate, complete and whole. I am a real true pleaser on many levels sexually and by SM protocol. I am obedient and enjoy being disciplined. As a masochist, I believe I have a high pain tolerance. Moreover, painful sensations bring me to the edge and give me powerful orgasms. Though I am a mature slave, I was always taking very good care of my body and face, and due to my genes my body still looks like a body of young woman. I have a silky bronze skin, I am nicely toned. I live in Florida and hope you will kindly help me find new Masters and Doms.






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