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I Am a Submissive

Hello, Master.

I am a quiet, submissive and delicate girl. I was born and raised in China, having attended university where I specialised in folk dance and the traditional instrument called the Ďzitherí. Youíve probably seen or heard the zither if you have watched any historical Chinese or Japanese movies, it is a very refined instrument like a small harp, and is very relaxing to either listen to or play. Traditional Chinese dance is generally slow, refined and delicate, which gives me a poise and posture in everyday life that hope you will enjoy.

I like a man who is in control and knows what he wants to do. Being given orders and forced to submit is a pleasure beyond simply the physical. Having a Master that can bend me to their will, that can force me to act as they desire, and that can use me for their pleasure... I enjoy submitting as much as you will enjoy dominating me, and I hope I can find a Master that wants to own and keep me.

I am doing graduate studies at a university in Sydney, Australia. Iím still able to travel, and look forward to meeting someone who will get me to do all manner of very special things for them.

Thank you for your consideration.






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