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My ideal wife

Ella is my ideal wife: beautiful, talented and completely submissive. It may sound obvious, but every day was a pleasure with her here. She was a fantastic slave, and willing to do whatever I wanted, and she was also the perfect partner. She cooked and served me in any capacity around the house in any capacity I desired. This is a girl that deserves the best in life, because she is willing to give everything to her Master. I think I'm too old for her, otherwise I'd immediately  marry her, sweeping her into a lifetime of slavery, service, and dedicated pampering.

She is amazing and very beautiful. Very few young women seem to develop traditional skills, and to see such incredible abilities in Ella astounded me. She is a great dancer, and a joy to behold. She’s also great around the house, and especially in the bedroom. I was impressed and very pleased with her service-oriented attitude, and her desire to submit in all the ways I wanted her to. Unfortunately, she can't do deep throat (will vomit).






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