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SM356 Service List


Her Favorites


Office Slave

Slave Training

Forced Oral Sex in the Car




Anal Licking after Shower

Anal Licking before Shower

Aphrodisiac Taking (her aphrodisiac)

Ball Licking after Shower

Ball Licking before Shower


Blindfold / Hood

Body Stretching


Bondage Sex

Bondage Oral Sex

Bondage Outdoor (no public)

Breast Sex

Breast Slapping

Car Sex

Crotch Rope

Cum in Mouth

Cum in Mouth Outdoor (no public)

Deep Throat Training

Deep Throat Training Outdoor (no public)

Dick Sucking after Piss

Dog Play

Dog Play Outdoor (no public)

Face Fucking

Face Sitting

Fetish Costumes

Finger Fucking (pussy)

Finger Fucking (anal)

Floor Licking

Floor Licking (toilet)

Following Dog

Following Dog Outdoor (no public)

Foot Licking after Shower

Foot Licking before Shower

Footstool Slave

Footstool Slave Outdoor (no public)

Forced Anus Smelling after Shower

Forced Anus Smelling before Shower

Forced Chastity Belt Wearing

Forced Cock Smelling after Shower

Forced Cock Smelling before Shower

Forced Crawling

Forced Crawling Outdoor (no public)

Forced Crawling by Pulling Hair

Forced Crawling by Pulling Hair Outdoor (no public)

Forced Exercise

Forced Exercise Outdoor (no public)

Forced Finger Sucking

Forced Foot Smelling after Shower

Forced Foot Smelling before Shower

Forced Kneeling

Forced Kneeling on Inverted Side Table

Forced Kneeling in Toilet

Forced Kneeling Outdoor (no public)

Forced Long Time Cock Holding

Forced Long Time Testicle Massage

Forced Lying

Forced Lying Outdoor (no public)

Forced Masturbation

Forced Masturbation Outdoor (no public)

Forced Oral Sex after Shower

Forced Oral Sex before Shower

Forced Oral Sex in the Car

Forced Oral Sex Outdoor (no public)

Forced Orgasm - Sybian Ride

Forced Orgasm - Tied

Forced Pissing Outdoor (no public)

Forced Posture

Forced Posture Outdoor (no public)

Forced Pussy Display

Forced Pussy Display Outdoor (no public)

Forced Running

Forced Running Outdoor (no public)

Forced Running by Pulling Hair

Forced Running by Pulling Nipple

Forced Running by Pulling Nipple outdoor (no public)

Forced Sex

Forced Sex Outdoor (no public)

Forced Sex in Water

Forced Slave Dance

Forced Squatting on Tiptoes

Forced Squatting on Tiptoes Outdoor (no public)

Forced Standing against Wall

Forced Standing in Front of Master

Forced Standing on One Leg

Forced Standing on Tiptoes

Forced Standing on Tiptoes Outdoor (no public)

Forced Tickling

Forced Tits Shaking

Forced Tongue Kissing

Forced Walking on Tiptoes


Harem Slaves

Hot Wax (body)

Hot Wax (breasts)

Hot Wax (pussy)

Human Furniture as Master's Ashtray Stand

Human Furniture as Master's Chair/Bench.

Human Furniture as Master's Table



Lesbian Slave Training

Lesbian Slave Training Outdoor (no public)

Lip Clothespin

Master's Fart Inhaling

Master's Socks/Underware Gag

Mistress' Anal Licking after Shower

Mistress' Anal Licking before Shower

Mistress' Fart Smelling

Mistress' Foot Smelling after Shower

Mistress' Foot Smelling before Shower

Mistress' Foot Smelling Outdoor (no public)

Mistress' Foot Licking after Shower

Mistress' Foot Licking before Shower

Mistress' Pussy Smelling after Shower

Mistress' Pussy Smelling before Shower

Mistress' Pussy Licking after Shower

Mistress' Pussy Licking before Shower

Mistress' Pussy Licking after Toilet (after wipping)

Mistress' Pussy Licking after Toilet (before wipping)

Mistress' Slave Training

Mistress' Slave Training Outdoor (no public)

Mistress' Underware Gag

Nipple Clamp / Clothespin

Nipple Lifting & Tiptoe Walking

Office Sex

Office Slave

Palm Punishment


Pony Play

Pony Play Outdoor (no public)

Private Photo with Mask / Hood

(20 pieces limited, no commercial use)

Private Video with Mask / Hood

(5 minutes limited, no commercial use)

Pubic Hair Pulling

Pussy Clothespin

Pussy Slapping

Pussy Twist

Rape Game


Role Play

Semen Drinking / Swallowing

Sex Toy in Pussy

Sex Toy in Anus

Sex Toy in Mouth

Sex Toy Outdoor Remote-controlled

Sexual Humiliation

Sexual Humiliation Outdoor (no public)

Shaved Pussy

Slapping (light)

Slave Cage

Slave Dancing

Slave Training

Slave Training Outdoor (no public)

Spanking with Hand Outdoor (no public)

Spanking with Hand

Spanking with Paddle or Belt (no cane)

Spanking with Paddle or Belt Outdoor (no public)


Suspension Outdoor (no public)

Suspension Sex

Suspension Oral Sex

Tape Bondage

Toilet Slave (wipe master's bottom after toilet)

Tongue Clothespin

Verbal Humiliation

Violent Oral Sex

Waiting Slave

Water Torture

Whipping/ Strapping on Bottom/ Back

Whipping/ Strapping on Bottom/ Back Outdoor (no public)

Whipping/ Strapping on Breasts

Whipping/ Strapping on Pussy








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