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Private Photo/Video Without Mask Slaves


BDSM is a wonderful life experience. Many clients like to record it. Most slaves will only allow photos if their face is fully covered to protect their privacy. Connoisseurs of domination usually prefer the rarer ladies that are not ashamed of their beauty and submission, and are willing to allow their picture to be taken without needing to conceal their face. Sadly, such bold and beautiful ladies can be hard to find.

We have collected an assortment of slaves who are willing to let you photograph or film them with their faces exposed. Let your imaginations run wild and record your greatest fantasies as they become reality, complete with the lustful faces of your slaves.

Please note: 1, that these photos and videos are for your collection propose only. They are not allowed to be distributed without the slave’s permission, and are not permitted for commercial use. 2, As her master, you are the only person who can shoot her. Other people, including your friends, have no right to shoot. This is vital! When playing SM at private party or at outdoor or in public, you have to protect your slave and her privacy.



(London / Hong Kong)
(Gold Coast)


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