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How To Book Your Submissive Escort




1. After browsing our website, please advise us of the ladies of your choice and the approximate date. We will send you the ladies' photos and other information. (new clients will need to pay an initial A$/€/$200 photo deposit.)

2. You choose a lady and make the required payment.

3. We will arrange any flights and visas (if necessary), etc. Then your lady will fly to you.

Please note, we don't accept telephone bookings. You can book only via website or personally in our office.


Photo Delivery

- New clients need to pay A$/€/$200 photo deposit to get the photos by email or browse the computer database in our office. Before a client's first booking, we can send photos of up to 6 ladies by email (average 10-15 large photos per lady) .

- Regular clients can always get new photos by email (as per request as frequently as desired), or browse the database in our office.

- All ladies' pictures are genuine photos, except that some nude/SM ones have their faces covered. However, if clients visit our office, they will be able to browse the original nude/SM photos and videos.

- The photo deposit can be deducted from the final service fees, but is not refundable.



- Asian Slave Club company policy: if the service is carried out in Sydney, a client can pay on the lady's arrival (if she is also from Sydney). Otherwise, all the fees including return air fares etc., should be paid before the lady's departure. Your cooperation is appreciated.

- We accept the payments listed below (if you need our account details to make payment, please let us know):

        1, Bank transfer
        2, Personal payment by cash at our Sydney head office.
        3, Cash payment on our lady's arrival (if both the client and the lady are in Sydney).

- We don't accept the payments listed below:

        1, Credit card
        2, Check
        3, Money order
        4, Cash post


How to Choose the Proper Slave

We hope all clients will choose the best slaves for their needs and enjoy their time. Most clients would like to choose young, pretty and "fresh" girls. Unfortunately, our experience shows they are not always right. Slaves should be obedient and with proper endurance for the sort of BDSM activities you enjoy.

We suggest you pay some attention to ladies' "Degree of Submissiveness" and "Pain Tolerance" when you choosing your slave. Slaves that only have a light pain tolerance – which includes most of the youngest ladies – are not able to do heavier play. Slaves that are not very submissive may be excellent companions, but will not be comfortable or willing to submit in all the ways that you desire.

To ensure your maximum enjoyment, please check that the slave is able to do both the activities that you want, and the level of intensity that you need.

Grades of Pain Tolerance

Pain Tolerance 1

Clapping buns gently

Pain Tolerance 2

Clapping buns harder

Pain Tolerance 3

Clapping buns quite hard
or use SM clapper/strap to whip gently

Pain Tolerance 4

Clapping buns very hard
or use SM clapper/strap to whip little harder

Pain Tolerance 5

Whipping hard by SM clapper/strap


How to Get the Best Response from Your Submissive Partner

There is a major difference between a short visit with a professional slave, and having an escort visit for a night, a week, or a year. The important thing to remember is that all of our slaves are human beings, and although they enjoy BDSM activities they are still normal young ladies and enjoy the same sorts of pleasures.

When you first meet the lady, please take the time to introduce yourself and talk to her. Perhaps give her a rose or offer her dinner before starting SM activities. If you show that you are a gentleman, and demonstrate your well mannered side, she will be more comfortable during rest periods, and will therefore be able to give a better response either socially, or when you are doing SM play or having sex.

It is also important to let the lady clearly understand when you are starting and finishing a session of SM play. Our ladies cannot play 24x7, and they need a break from time to time. To keep lady's passion, don't play too long time in each play (40 minute for normal SM play and 10 minutes for heavy spanking / slapping / needles / electrical play). Let the slave know when the session is starting and finishing by directly telling her. This makes it easy for the lady to understand what you want, and respond appropriately when you need it.

Lastly, please remember that it is nice to be appreciated. When you have finished a session, say "thank you" or offer some sweet words to her. When she does a good job, reward her with some love and attention, a candle-lit dinner or even a gift or a bonus if she has been exceptional.

The key of all the tips is: submissive ladies are also women, aside of money they also need some romance. You can divide the dating period into SM play time and normal time. You can slap her, piss on her, order her lick your feet and ass in SM play time; but also open a car door for her, invite her to a candlelight dinner and say "I love you" in the normal time. In this way, you can catch her soul and make her completely into your slave.

Please remember, never be rude (say "fuck you" ) in normal time,  and never be too much of a gentleman (say "would you please lick my foot") in SM play time.

In Normal Time

In SM Play Time


Flight Bookings

Asian Slave Club will book the flight for the lady following the client's instruction and on his charge. Usually we book from Booking Buddy ( We don't have a surcharge.

To protect ladies' privacy, we won't provide a copy of air-ticket or booking reference number of the flights.


Arriving Earlier

Occasionally we are asked if it is possible to have a slave arrive early, so that she can rest and be refreshed after her travel. While we appreciate the attention and care for the lady, we must ask you to remember that she also has a life outside being a slave. Our slaves are normally university students, office workers or professionals, and cannot afford to take time from the work or studies unless they are being paid.

All our submissives understand how important your time is also. While sleeping on a plane is not as comfortable as at home, they will do their best to arrive rested and ready to play. After a shower and a meal, your slave will be fresh and eager to serve you in whatever manner you desire.


Lady's Privacy

We need to protect our ladies' privacy. We will not provide the lady's real name, cope of passport/visa or passport number, cope of air ticket/booking reference number, etc.


Lady's Contact Details

We need to protect our ladies' privacy. We will not provide the lady's mobile number or email address until the last minute. A client will receive his slave's mobile number after she boards the plane. So he will get her contact number before her arrival.


The Scope of Services

The scope of our services is limited to verified homes and 5 star hotel rooms. So we need the client's home address or hotel room number before sending our lady there. For safety reasons, we cannot send a lady to an unverified address, such as a street corner, restaurant, hotel lobby…...


Direct Contact with Our Ladies

Please note, clients are not permitted to make direct contact with our ladies after the first date. Some inexperienced clients may believe that this will save money when in fact it may end up costing more or even lead to an unpleasant experience.


Refund Policy

- If it is the fault of the lady or this company.
In the situation where the lady cannot go to the appointment, we will give a full refund, including airfares (but not including the photo deposit).

- If it is the fault of the client.
In the situation where the appointment has to be canceled or postponed because the client is unable to make it, we will keep the payment (including the airfare if it is refunded by the Airline) as credit for your next booking. The photo deposit will not be refunded.

- If it is an act of God.
If for a reason such as hurricane, volcanic ash, airport strike, customs/visa trouble, traffic accident etc, the lady cannot arrive, we will give a full refund (including the airfare if it is refunded by the airline). The photo deposit will not be refunded.


To protect our clients' privacy, we review our database regularly, and we delete the clients who haven't contacted us for 2 years or more. You can also ask us to delete your information at anytime.






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