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Transaction Receipt and Actual Payment


Q: Please let me know what documents I need to give you once I have done the transfer... / I have just sent you the photo deposit. Please believe me, you will get money tomorrow for sure. You can send me photo now, just one photo of a lady...  / I have made a direct transfer to your account, $7500 in total. I hope that the attached copy of the transaction receipt will be enough for you to send me the slave immediately...... / please see attached transaction confirmation from Xoom - it shows the recipient information it went to their system shows it was successfully transferred... / My assistant has just sent you $100,000. This is the netbank receipt. I swear on my mother grave, I'm honest. Don't tell me you haven't seen it. Send me a girl within 24 hours, otherwise I'll call police straight away. I never joke, I'm serious......

A: You are welcome to send us a copy of the transaction. However, Asian Slave Club has a standard procedure. We can only send the lady (photos...) after the actual payment has arrived. Your cooperation is appreciated.







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