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Too Expensive


Q: Your prices are too expensive, do you have cheap offers? / Are there any girls who give extra days? / I would consider slave A, but not at full price as she is so limited in experience and activities. / Slave A has 80 activities/services, if I need 40 of them only, can I pay half price or get some discount? / Your one day period is 24 hours, but I only need to meet your slave for 6 hours, can I get some discount? / Your one month price is $20,000. $20,000 ÷ 30 days = $666.66... Why you charge $2600 for one day? I can pay a maximum of $700 for one day...... / Your 3 day price is $5000, right? If she can only come 2 days, I can pay $3333,that's logical..... /Ok, listen, this is my offer: I order 4 girls together this time. What about I get 5% from the 1st additional girl, 10% from the 2nd one and 15% from the 3rd...... Otherwise, I just cancel this booking! / I'm your regular client, I have used your service 3 times. I must get a discount, otherwise I won't book......

A: Our fees are not negotiable. Your cooperation is appreciated.








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