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Photo / Video Limits


Q: Is the service "Private Photo/Video without Mask / Hood" means I can shoot without any limits? / SMXXX's service excludes "Private Photo/video". If I book her, can I video record all my playing? / I want to use a hidden camera to broadcast our sm playing, it's just for fun, not for commercial......

A: You can shoot once a day (24 hours) only. For photo shooting, 20 pieces limited per 24 hours. For video shooting, 5 minutes limited per 24 hours.

It is never acceptable to stream a video recording of your slave live to the internet. Nor are you allowed to distribute the pictures or video by any means, either free or for profit.

Please note, if you use a hidden camera, it could cause a legal problem for you. The lady than has the right to stop the service (in that case, we won't refund any money).

For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / Photo/Video Shooting".







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