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Pay On Lady's Arrival


Q: If both the slave lady and I are in New York (Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne...), can I pay photo deposit or service fee on her arrival? / I can pay half price plus the girl's one way flight only and then pay the balance on her arrival. Because for transfer 2500 Euros or more I have to explain to the Fiscal Italian Authorities the motivation... / I'll stay in XXXX for 1 days only. I don't have time to transfer money. I can only pay your lady cash if you want to do this business... / I have transferred 10,000 US dollars to your account, but it has bounced back by your bank. I Swear It's True. Now I have no choice, I can pay cash only... / Our banks cannot send money to Australia. Please believe me, I'll pay your girls definitely if they come to XXXX... / I'm traveling in China now. I don't have a bank account here... / I'm not trying to sell you stories, they told me I've transferred too much this year to international. They said I will be able to transfer in 6 month... Why you don't believe me, I'll definitely pay her when she comes... / I'm in India (USA, UK, China...). Our country is very special - anyone wire money over $1000, it'll be reported to government. Unless you give me discount price under $1000 or allow me to pay to the girl after I meet her... / If you recall, I've booked slaves about 4-5 times. I have been a customer for many years now. Can we have a special arrangement this time?

A: Clients need to pay all the fees to the company in advance unless both you and the lady are in Sydney. For more details, please refer to "How To Book Your Submissive Escort". Your cooperation is appreciated.







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