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Samples Of Unrealistic Emails


We will not respond to emails which appear not to be genuine. Frequently they are from trolls or people deliberately to waste our time. In other cases, they are unreasonable requests for either our business or our ladies. If you have sent a query similar to one below and have not received a response, please re-read our How To guide and contact us again with a clear, simple request.


Here are some genuine samples of emails we have received:


Sample 1 - I am asking you to introduce me to a slave for 2 days. 1st day no fee except for the girl of course - second day - if I like and no bullshit - I will pay your fee for both days......

(Although you may be completely trustworthy, not everyone is. To protect our ladies and our business we need to insist on our standard payment arrangements. Because this request is not standard in any business, we are forced to assume it as a scam, so we will not reply.)


Sample 2 - I never pay in advance to company... just send me a girl, I can pay double when she comes...

(Many businesses require payment in advance. Because our ladies are not professional escorts, we need to be ensure that their time and effort is treated with respect. This includes ensuring that they will have a paying job if they take the time to prepare and then travel to a customer. Offering to pay double increases the probability that this is a scam.)


Sample 3 - Your one month price is $16,000. $1600 ÷ 30 days = $533/day. Why you charge $2500 for one day? Don't think I'm stupid, I can pay a maximum of $550 for 1 day......

(Offering discounts for long term contracts is completely normal throughout the professional business world. Whether you hire a bricklayer, a lawyer or one of our beautiful slaves, their day rate will be more than a pro-rata charge for a long term contract. Our fees already include these long term discounts for you, and are not negotiable.)


Sample 4 - Sexual humiliation... How do you call it when a man wants a girl to present herself for inspection......

(While this is superficially a reasonable question, Google is a better place to ask. If your intent is actually to ask whether our slaves do allow sexual humiliation, the answer is “yes, many do offer this”.)


Sample 5 - I have two questions. One is your account doesn't work in India, our bank system is different from Australia. Two is we have international transfer limit here (any transfer over 1000 USD must reported to police). You tell me what should I do......

(We have serviced the clients worldwide for long time. This sort of email does not appear to be a serious client.)


Sample 6 - What you mean you cannot find my recorder? My name is John, Don't tell me you cannot find my name in your database? I told you that I paid my deposit 2 or 3 years ago. If I not paid deposit, how can I have the pictures with your company watermark??? Please RESPECT ME send me all the pictures now! Otherwise, I'll let you know who I am!!! I just in Sydney!!!

(We don't service uncultivated clients. We have reported this case to the police.)


Sample 7 - i want a slave girl who can do everything for me.i looked ur slave girl service details and some slave can do more service for customer. i want a slave girl who can drink my piss and swallow sperm and saliva and Phlegm.i want spitting her face and body.i want pee on her face, body , nostrils and mouth. she can be my chamber pot? she can lick my all body, my ass and my foot?i want fuck her ass.and she can do cim and cif. she can be my furnuture, table, chairs.she can lick floor, my toilet ,my shoes and everywhere to i want.i want sitting her face long time(30 min-a hour) and she can smelling long time my body, my foot and my ass-my armpit? i want slapping her ewerywhere and ewerywhere.i want defecate on her face and mouth and all body.( i want she eat my shit.but it is not necaserry.but if she can do i am very happy).i want no limit. i want everytime can do theese service on my slave girl.EXAMPLE whenever i want defecate on her face she must let me.i want to hear from her to always tell me YES MASTER. İf u have girl who can do theese service i wanna book her at least 6 days. / İf you have slave girl who can do ewerything Only tell me How much money i pay her for 6 days. İ hope u be trust on me cos before i booked a alave girl in ukraine. and her agency told me she can do ewerything. but she cant. İ only want u if u have slave girl who can do my theese request i will book or u not pls tell me truth...

(While this may be genuine, it raises concerns about the care the author takes communicating, and therefore the care they will take of the slave who visits them. At Asian Slave Club, we love and care for our slaves even more than a normal woman because they are so special, and they can bring us such pleasure. Our prices are published here, and all slaves have different services listed. Also, this email reads as though the author was trying to get themselves excited, not seriously ask a question.)







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