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Lady's Mobile & Email


Q: Can I obtain a lady's mobile number or email address? / I am happy with your required fees, but I cannot send the fees without her personal assurances about my requirements. Thus, I must have a private talk with her first... / I won't pay any money before I have the lady’s mobile. Is this clear enough? If you don't want to do the business, I don't care!

A: We need to protect our ladies' privacy. We will not provide ladies' mobile number or email address until shortly before the date. Our client will receive his lady's mobile number when she is on board so when you meet the lady at the airport you will have her contact number. Before that, if you have anything that you need to tell the lady, we are very happy to pass it on for you. For more details, please refer to: "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Lady's Privacy".






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