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Q: My name is XXXX, do you still remember me? I have met one of your slaves last year. I had paid 9500€ for her 1 week of service, but she is really bad, I let her go one and a half days earlier. I have checked your price list, one and a half days should cost 3700€ (2800€+1800€2). So I should pay 3700€ less for next booking or get cash back... / ...last week I have booked XXXX for 1 day, it should be 24 hours from 4pm to 4pm. As the girl was not feeling well, I cannot stop her leaving at about 10 or 11am next morning. So that means I got 5-6 hours less. I haven't told you this before because the girl told me I must not tell you as you might cut her remuneration. However, I must tell you this now as I do business with you. I have the right to get my remaining back. You can either send me another girl to finish these few hours or refund me some money...

A: If a client is not satisfied with a lady's service, or a lady leaves earlier, please contact the club at once. We will fix for you straight away. If a lady leaves earlier without your permission, we will cut her remuneration and refund to you (if you ask/agree to let her go, we cannot refund).

As we pay the lady on the next day after dating. If there is no problem, we will remit the remuneration in time. So there are any problems, you must immediately notify us. If a lady has been paid, there is little we can do.







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