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How Hard Can I Spank


Q: How hard can I spank / slap my slave?

A: All slaves on our website have a "Pain Tolerance" rating. Usually slaves with a high "Pain Tolerance" can stand harder spanking / slapping play; and a low "Pain Tolerance" means light spanking only. However, everyone has a different standard for "hard" and "light". So, in BDSM play, it's very important that the master and slave agree on a Safe-Word (for example: Mayday) or Safe-Sign (for example: Shaking of the Head) and must always pay attention to the slave's response. If your slave uses her pre-agreed Safe-Word or Safe-Sign, then that means the intensity of your action is unbearable for her and you MUST immediately stop to avoid injury. For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / Limit of Punishment".









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