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Different Currency Account


Q: I'm an Australian. According to your policy, I need to pay US dollars if I meet your slave in Japan. I hate currency exchange, it will make me loss money. I'll send Australian dollars to your AUD account, you can convert it into USD at 1 Australian Dollar : 1 US dollar (I won't accept any rate less than 1:1)... / I know your price in Asia is in US dollars. But I'm in Dubai and I have Euro only. Can I transfer the Euro to your Euro account and you can convert it into U.S. dollars (at the Dubai Bank's exchange rate) by yourself. Is this fare enough? Otherwise, I just give up... / I'll enjoy SMxxx in Sydney next month. However, for ...... reason, I cannot wire money to you AUD ac, I can only transfer the fees to your Euro ac, then you can convert it to Australian dollars...

A: All the fees should be send to the right currency account directly. Your cooperation is appreciated.







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