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Detailed Discussion


Q: I have been following this site for a while now trying to figure out which slave will be the right choice for me. I have a few fetishes (see below). If someone will be available soon with those requirements it would help me make a decision... / I have read your website and interested in the service you provide. I'm very concerned about how the slave will perform the SM activities. I'm most interested in wiping master's bottom after toilet (licking and swallowing is a major plus) . Can you describe how each slave will perform these activities (must with photos) as I will only proceed with your company if I am assured that I will be satisfied with the service... / Does SMxxx have a limit to the number of times per day she will perform the sexual/ SM activities, such as oral sex, piss drinking, etc... / Do you know slave XXXX's limits? / Hi, brother, I need to talk with you first... what slaves are available for long term Homestay in the United States? I need this information before I pay the photo deposit. I trust you understand...

A: Please refer to "Our Slaves" and "Homestay", where you will find the details for each lady. We will not discuss any details with a client until the photo deposit is paid and a slave has been chosen.







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