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Q: After I have made payment, will it be possible to ring or email her directly? I have some very important questions to ask her. It would be much easier for me to use her email, as my questions are of a very sexual nature... / I have booked lady XXX for a week from now. I will be traveling the whole week without internet contact, can I obtain her contact details early? I won't ring her I promise... / I'll meet your girl after 2 months. However, I cannot wait anymore, I need to have a video chat with her. I promise I won't cancel this booking after contacting her... / I don't want to date with a women who already has boyfriend, I will call her after midnight...

A: Our policy is: We can only give clients the ladies' contact on the last day (please refer to: "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Lady's Contact Details"). If you do want to get the lady's contact number before that date, we can give it to you, but this will void the "Refund Policy", so, no matter what the reason, you cannot ask for any refund. It is our advice that you should not receive contact details early.







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