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Concealing My Name and Bank Account


Q: Iím the type of person who values privacy. I am wondering if there is a way of transferring money without using my name or my bank account?/ I do not wish to send you the money from my bank account or use my real nameÖ

A: If you would like to conceal your personal and bank information when you transfer the fee you can use the services of Moneycorp, Xoom or similar agents. Then you can send money to our account concealing your name and bank account. The anonymous money transfer usually will cost more time than normal bank TT transfer.

Please note, when you transfer the fees through an anonymous money transfer agent, as your information is hidden by the agent, we wonít know where this money come from. So please leave a short message with transfer (such as, travel, airfare, 375, a1b2, etc). Your cooperation is appreciated.






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