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Bank Transfer / Exchange Rate


Q: I'll wire the money from my USD account to your AUD account next Wednesday. What's the USD-AUD exchange rate you will use? / When I wired my payment from my Euro account to your USD account last Friday, the TT exchange rate was 1:1.457, so US$2600=1784.49. I've wired 1784.49. Why then have you told me that you received only US$2461.52? / I've transferred US$8500 to your USD account last week (see the bank receipt attached), why then have you received only US$8436? Where is the other $64?

A: Usually, the bank will charge a processing fee, and bank exchange rates is often changing. We cannot answer these questions. If you have any queries, please check with your bank where you can track the status of your transaction.

For more details, please refer to "Policy For Payment Between Currencies" on Submissive Escort Fees . Your cooperation is appreciated.







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