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Absent Days


Q: I've read the description of "Live-in Slave" carefully. I wonder is there a limit to how many days she can be absent for per month? Can I get some days as compensation? Naturally, I want to ensure I get my money's worth...

A: In the "Live-in Slave" arrangement, the slave can leave for dating. Generally, our ladies won't have too many dates. You are welcome to check with us if your slave have upcoming  bookings when you make booking.

Note: For compensation, if a slave is absent less than 7 days in a month, you won't get any days back; however if your slave is absent more than 1 week (7 days) in a month, the booking will be extended by any days over the 7 days absence as compensation. So to get your money more value, you can choose a non-busy girl as you your live-in slave.







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