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Asian Slave Club received large amount of enquiries from all over the world. We collect them together and properly answered here. Please read this carefully and you will find the most answers of you doubts there.

When we find any new worthy questions from our clients' enquiries, we will add it to this section in short time.




About Company

Q: How long has your company been running?

A: We have started this business in 1973. We set up this website "" in 2003. You can find our old web pages on: (Wayback Machine).


Q: Where is your Company based? / I am at XXXX, do you have a branch here?

A: We are based in Sydney Australia and our service is worldwide. However, we do not have branches overseas.


Q: Where is your office and what are your office hours? Should I make an appointment before coming? Can I come to your office to see the ladies?

A: Our office address: 65 Elizabeth St, Sydney, Australia. Our office hours: 10am-6pm, Monday-Friday (our email service is 24/7). Yes, you need to make an appointment.

We are an agency. There are no ladies waiting in our office. You are welcome to visit our office and choose your lady from our database (after paying a photo deposit of $A200).



Q: I am a beginner in the bdsm domain and do not have any materials. I hope you or the ladies have their own places or dungeons to welcome me...

A: Sorry, we do not provide such services.


Q: I've rung you many times, why no one picks up the phone? / In the past 24 hours, I tested your number 1000 times with a free calling app. You never answered and blocked my number!  / Please believe me, I'm a serious client. I just tried to explain my requests, but your operator is very impatient. He always handed up my phone... and after 5 times, he even blocked my number. Can you give me a chance to talk with you?

A: We answer the phone during our business hours, but we don't answer the hidden numbers or internet (Skype, VOIP, etc) numbers.

Our clients must contact us by email first. We do not accept telephone reservations or price or service inquiries. We will not answering such questions on the phone (eg, "Hi, I want to book a slave ...", "How much...", "Which girl is available?", "Where are you?" etc.)



About Lady (Slave)


Q: I'm from Norway and I will be travelling to Japan (Netherlands, Switzerland, USA...), please let me know if you have any slaves in Tokyo (Amsterdam, Zurich, New York...), or are you only in Australia? / Do you have any Japanese slaves here? / I'm in XXXX, who is available?

A: We provide service worldwide. Please check "Our Slaves", where you will find the location details for each lady.


Q: I'm interested in SMxxx, but I'm not sure when I will meet her. Please check for me if she is available?

A: Generally if a lady is listed on our slave list, she is available. I'll check for you after you get a date.


Q: Do you remember that we have discussed this last year, I would fly to Sydney to meet two of your slaves and I can pay on their arrival to my room. How can you told me that one of them has been booked? / When I check with you last week, you said SMxxx is available, why you say she is not available now?
A: You can order a sex slave in advance. However, before your payment, she is still on the market. If someone else has paid the money before you, she will be booked by someone else. So please confirm your booking with payment as soon as you to avoid your slave being ordered by someone else. Thank you for your cooperation!


Q: I wonder which slave can shave her pussy, play enema, anal sex, lesbian submissive?

A: Please refer to "Our Slaves" where you will find the service (SM activity) details for each lady. If a service/ activity is not listed then she can’t provide that service/ activity.


Q: I am hoping to holiday in USA (Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, China, Korea...). Would I only be able to choose from the local slaves?

A: You can choose a slave from any location around the world. However, you will be required to pay for the lady's airfare if she lives in a location other than where the meeting is to take place.


Q: I am a woman / mistress, can I hire your slave?

A: Yes, all the girls with "Lesbian Submissive" activity on her list can service women / mistress. In addition, we also have male sex slaves. For more details, please refer to "Our Slaves" .


Q: Do you have any bi slaves or male slaves? / Do you have couple slaves?

A: Yes, we also have some male slaves and couple. Please refer to "Male Sex Slave" and "Slaves Couple".


Q: Some slaves on your website have a "new" icon under their profile photo. What does this mean? / Has SM XXX met with any masters?

A: The "new" icon under a lady's profile photo indicates that the lady has not yet met with a client.

Q: I note that SMxxx is no longer on the website. Why is she not available? Can I meet her?

A: If a lady is no longer listed on the website, then she no longer works for the agency and you can't meet her.


Q: Do you have Caucasian / white or black sex slaves?

A: Yes, we have Caucasian / white and black sex slaves. plea refer to "Our Slaves".


Q: Do you have Asian lolita slaves?

A: No, we never provide Asian (or European or other) lolita slaves. All of our submissive escorts are over 18 years of age.


Q: Do you have a slave such as: Mature, 40+, Beautiful, Natural busty, White Skin, Tall ,... I am sending out this booking request so that hopefully you can have time to find someone meeting this description... / I have checked your website, I'm not interested in any of them. Do you have any slaves who are not listed?

A: All our ladies are listed on the website. Please always pay attention to the lady list on the website as we keep updating it.



About Procedure

Q: How much notice is required prior to a booking? If I was to submit the reservation form today, how long will it take until the actual meeting takes place? How much preparation time is required to organize for the lady to meet with me?

A: Generally, if there is no visa issue, our ladies are ready to set off as soon as the client's full payment is verified. However, if the lady has to apply for a visa, then it may take a week or sometimes even a month.

Read more: Pay On Lady's Arrival


Q: After submitting the reservation form and relevant payment will your company arrange for my chosen lady to fly to wherever I have chosen for the meeting to take place?

A: Our service is limited to mainly Asian and Western countries. For safety reasons, we cannot send our ladies to some parts of the world. Additionally, some ladies from some Asian or Eastern European countries may find it difficult to obtain a visa to enter some countries.


Q: I'm in Sydney (New York, London, Tokyo...), can you send a slave to my hotel tonight? / Hi, I will be in Bangkok tomorrow for my job. I want a slave in Bangkok tomorrow...

A: It's very difficult to provide our service at short notice. It's better to give a few days notice for a booking in Australia and 1 or 2 weeks notice for overseas. For more details, please refer to: How To Book Your Submissive Escort.


Q: My schedule changes a lot, so it's difficult to give a notice a few weeks in advance...

A: You can deposit some money as credit in advance, then you can book a slave in short notice.

Q: I am interested in meeting slave XXXX. Is it possible to learn more about her and get some photos before booking?  / I've just sent you $1000 as photo deposit, believe me you will receive it tomorrow, please send me 1 pic of each girl, no more, just 1, I need to make a decision now!  / I am a software engineer who made a lot of money working at Microsoft. My secretary will fly down on our jet to pick my slave up. She will have $10,000 with her on her arrival. But I am not interested in paying the photo deposit ...... / Hi, brother, don't waste my time, forget about bloody photo deposit, I don't need to see any photos,  just send me a girl now...

A: A new client needs to pay A$/€/$200 photo deposit to start to obtain photos. For more details, please refer to: How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Photo Delivery"


Q: Your photo deposit covers up to 6 slaves, but you have only three slaves in this country. If I do not like their photo then I loose the deposit?

A: The photo deposit can be deducted from the final service fees, but is not refundable.


Q: I understand that the photo deposit covers up to six slaves, but I am willing to pay extra in return for photos of more ladies, can this be arranged? / I don't care about the money, let me know how much I can buy all your photos...

A; We can only send you photos of 6 ladies prior to your 1st booking.


Q: Are the nude photos you sent me of SMxxx really her? 

A: All the nude photos sent to clients have ladies' faces covered, but they are genuine photos. The clients are welcome to visit our office to browse the original photos, without a covered face. For more details, please refer to: "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Photo Delivery".


Q: Is the service "Private Photo/Video without Mask / Hood" means I can shoot without any limits? / SMXXX's service excludes "Private Photo/video". If I book her, can I video record all my playing? / I want to use a hidden camera to broadcast our sm playing, it's just for fun, not for commercial......

A: You can shoot once a day (24 hours) only. For photo shooting, 20 pieces limited per 24 hours. For video shooting, 5 minutes limited per 24 hours.

It is never acceptable to stream a video recording of your slave live to the internet. Nor are you allowed to distribute the pictures or video by any means, either free or for profit.

Please note, if you use a hidden camera, it could cause a legal problem for you. The lady than has the right to stop the service (in that case, we won't refund any money).

For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / Photo/Video Shooting".


Q: If I want your slave to come to my place, who will pay for the traveling expenses?

A: The client will pay for the traveling expenses (airplane, train, bus, taxi, etc), including the return cost.


Q: It's long distance from LA to New York. Please book her a cheap multi stop flights instead of directly flights... You won't waste my money, aren't you?

A: We will save money for our clients. Usually we choose the cheap flights for the girls and let the clients make the final decisions of the flights. However, we suggest our clients don't choose multi stop flights for your slaves, because it will make her exhausted and affect the quality of the service providing to you afterward.


Q: I want to see the lady's flight ticket or let me know the booking reference number...

A: We can tell you the lady's arrival time and her contact number for you to meet her at the airport. However, to protect the lady's privacy, we cannot provide a lady's flight ticket or booking reference number. Please refer to: "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Lady's Privacy".


Q: I need a lady's real name (a copy of the passport) for hotel booking (cruise booking, tour booking...), otherwise she cannot check in...... / I need a lady's real name and passport number for flight booking. Otherwise it will be too late, I have to cancel this booking...... / I'm a VIP member of Air XXXX, if you give me the girl's real name and passport number, I can book the flights for her much cheaper...... / I've arranged airport pick-up service for XXXX, they must have her name and passport number... / This is a top hotel with high security. I must give them lady's passport name, otherwise they won't let her get in... / How much? Sydney - New York flights $1500? My God! I can book it just $500 from the local travel agent. Here is their email (they don't have website)... you can send them lady's passport number and name. / I'll book XXXX for 1 year, I don't mind money! Are you sure you don't give me her real name? You'll loss this deal, brother!

A: Sorry. We need to protect our ladies' privacy. We cannot provide a lady's real name or passport number. We will book the flight for the lady, at the client's cost. Please refer to: "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Lady's Privacy".


Q: Can I obtain a lady's mobile number or email address? / I am happy with your required fees, but I cannot send the fees without her personal assurances about my requirements. Thus, I must have a private talk with her first... / Please believe me, I swear I'm a real female applicant, not a spy of any escort agent or similar business. I just need contact of 3 girls who has worked in your club for more than 1 year, so I can talk with them to know how you work. BTW, I have many female friends they are all beautiful girls and intend to work for you...

A: Our client will receive his lady's mobile number 1 day before dating. We will not provide ladies' mobile number or email address before the date. If you have anything that you need to tell the lady in advance, we are very happy to pass it on for you. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: After I have made payment, can I get her mobile straight away? I have some very important questions to ask her. It would be much easier for me to use her email, as my questions are of a very sexual nature... / I have booked lady XXX for a week from now. I will be traveling the whole week without internet contact, can I obtain her contact details early? I won't ring her I promise... / I'll meet your girl after 2 months. However, I cannot wait anymore, I need to have a video chat with her. I promise I won't cancel this booking after contacting her... / I don't want to date with a women who already has boyfriend, I will call her after midnight...

A: Our policy is: We can only give clients the ladies' contact on the last day (please refer to: "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Lady's Contact Details"). If you do want to get the lady's contact number before that date, we can give it to you on A$//$500 per day earlier, but this will void the "Refund Policy", so, no matter what the reason, you cannot ask for any refund. It is our advice that you should not receive contact details early.


Q: You can pay on girl's arrival in Sydney, right? Ok, what about I meet with her over coffee before I make a decision? I want to make sure that… I am willing to pay a reasonable fee for this ($50?)... / When my slave arrives, is it possible to talk with her privately and to try her first (for no more than 10 minutes) to see if I am satisfied with the service she provides? I am willing to pay $500 for this...

A: No. This kind of arrangement is unavailable.


Q: I need some special services. I have 12 questions to ask your ladies (see below). I would be most grateful if you could forward my questions to SM101, SM102, SM103, SM104, SM105, SM106……/ I have paid the initial photo deposit and thank you for uploading the photos of six ladies. To help me choose my preferred lady I have prepared a list of 65 questions that I would like each of the ladies to answer......

A:  If you are a new client, you will need to pay the photo deposit (A$/€/$200) before we can do this.  If you are one of our regular clients, we can forward your questions (no more than 3) to one or two of our ladies, but no more than 3 questions. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.


Q: I am at XXXX hotel (apartment...). I can give you the hotel address, but I cannot give you my room number. Can I meet the slave in the lobby (cafe, bar...) ? / I won't give you my home address (my privacy), I can meet the girl at XXXX airport, railway station ...... / I'll meet the lady at the corner of XXXX St and XXXX St, then I'll bring her to a secret place (I swear it's 100% safe!), after one night, I will return her to you. Please believe me!

A: For safety reasons, we cannot send a lady to an unverified address. The scope of services is limited to verified homes and 5 star hotel rooms. So we need the client's hotel room number before sending a lady.


Q: I don't want to give you my mobile number, I will give you my Line (Whatsapp, Wechat...) ID, you can add my Line... / I don't have mobile, just send me the girl if you want to do this business...

A: For safety reason, we must have a client's mobile number (you can use Line/Whatsapp/Wechat to communicate with the girl). Otherwise, we cannot provide service.


Q: I've read your price list, it seems your maximum booking period is one month.‎ Is it possible to hire your slave for 3 months (6 months, 1 year...)?

A: You can book a slave for one month first. If you like her, you can extend your booking before it is over. We have good prices for extending bookings. Please refer to: Sex Slave Fees .

In addition, some of our slaves have yearly special price under enquiry (regular clients only).


Q: I've noticed your one month charge of "sex slave for rent" is $20,000, and the same period charge of "Special Offers / Homestay" is $5,800. Why they are so much different?
A: When a slave is "rented" by a client, she belongs her Master only. She cannot meet any other client. However, when a girl is "staying" in your house, she can still go for other dating from Asian Slave Club.


Q: I am not a rich Master. I appreciate that the Homestay Fee of $5800 per month is the most affordable in your club; however, for me it is a very large sum and therefore I must receive as much value as possible. Consequently, I expect your Slave to provide me with 8 hours of SM play per day which will include heavy spanking, heavy slapping, piss drinking, human toilet, gang rape...

A: The Homestay service is not suitable for Masters with "heavy tastes" and it is dissimilar to our Slave submissive service. It is more appropriate for a long term sugar daddy - sugar baby relationship between a dominant gentleman and a submissive girl.


Q: How long can I book a Homestay? If I only want to book her Homestay for 1 month and then decide to add second month, is it okay?

A: You can book 1-12 months and pay monthly. Yes, you can continue if both if you are happy with the stay.


Q: I would like to know how "Special Offers / Homestay" works, does the slave go home at nights or weekends?

A: The slave will always spend her nights at Master's home and sleep with her Master. She won't go back at nights or weekends. However, she can go out for school or job at daytime, and leave for dating (including night time) if there is any. You can check with us if your slave has any class or job at daytime or there is any dating in your certain month. 


Q: I've read the description of "Special Offers / Homestay" carefully. I wonder is there a limit to how many days she can be absent for per month? Can I get some days as compensation? Naturally, I want to ensure I get my money's worth...

A: In the "Homestay" arrangement, the slave can leave for dating. Generally, our ladies won't have too many dates. You are welcome to check with us if your slave have upcoming bookings when you make booking.

Note: For compensation, if a slave is absent less than 7 days in a month, you won't get any days back; however if your slave is absent more than 1 week (7 days) in a month, the booking will be extended by any days over the 7 days absence as compensation. So to get the best value for money, you should choose a slave that is not very busy.


Q: I have booked XXXX for a one day slave dating. However, It is a long trip from New York to Seattle, I worry she will get exhausted. How about arrive 1 day earlier? I will pick up her to a hotel room to let her rest. We will still start the dating from the next day. I swear I won't touch her at the first night... / I have booked your Japanese slave XXXX for 1 week (7 days). As it's a long flight from Tokyo to London, can I ask her come 2 days earlier? I have a large castle outside London, she can stay in a room here to have a good rest. I won't sleep with her in these 2 days of course......

A: She can come 1 (2, 3...) day(s) earlier, but you need to pay for these extra days.


Q: Please let me know what documents I need to give you once I have done the transfer... / I have just sent you the photo deposit. Please believe me, you will get money tomorrow for sure. You can send me photo now, just one photo of a lady...  / I have made a direct transfer to your account, $7500 in total. I hope that the attached copy of the transaction receipt will be enough for you to send me the slave immediately...... / please see attached transaction confirmation from Xoom - it shows the recipient information it went to their system shows it was successfully transferred... / My assistant has just sent you $100,000. This is the netbank receipt. I swear on my mother grave, I'm honest. Don't tell me you haven't seen it. Send me a girl within 24 hours, otherwise I'll call police straight away. I never joke, I'm serious......

A: You are welcome to send us a copy of the transaction. However, Asian Slave Club has a standard procedure. We can only send the lady (photos...) after the actual payment has arrived. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: My name is John, I paid the photo deposit but I cannot remember which year. Please check your database, I'm sure you can find my name... / My name is Peter, I used your service many years ago but unfortunately I have forgotten my old email and mobile. Please check your records, if you find a customer named Peter, that will be me... / Please see the attached photos. All of them have your watermark, is this enough to prove that I’m a good customer that has paid a photo deposit in the past?

A: The safety and confidentiality of all our valued clients and slaves are our highest priority. We can check our database for returning clients and are delighted to have you back. However, if you only provide us with a common name like "John" or "Peter", then we cannot assist you. Please advise us of your name and email or/and mobile number.
If you really cannot remember your old email or mobile, please pay the photo deposit to join our club again. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.


Q: I'm very care of my privacy, can I do as below:

1, I don't want to give you my real name.

2, I don't want to wire you the money from my bank account or use my real nam. Can I use the anonymous money transfers such as Moneycorp, Xoom, etc.?

3, I will meet your girl at my home, but I don't give you my home address.

4, I don't like 5 star hotels, I want to meet her in a caravan base or hourly lover hotel where no ID-registration needed.

5, Just ask her to call my Skype number (WeChat, Line, Whatsapp, etc), I won't give you my mobile number.

6, I don't want to give you my mobile, let me go to your office to have look first.

A: 1, 2 are ok. 3, 4, 5, 6 are not acceptable.


Q: Once I have booked your slave, you will keep my name, email, contact number, etc. forever?

A: No. To protect our clients' privacy, we review our database regularly, and we delete the clients who haven't contacted us for 2 years or more. You can also ask us to delete your information at anytime.



About Submissive Service


Q: I have been following this site for a while now trying to figure out which slave will be the right choice for me. I have a few fetishes (see below) . If someone will be available soon with those requirements it would help me make a decision... / I have read your website and interested in the service you provide. I'm very concerned about how the slave will perform the SM activities. I'm most interested in wiping master's bottom after toilet (licking and swallowing is a major plus) . Can you describe how each slave will perform these activities (must with photos) as I will only proceed with your company if I am assured that I will be satisfied with the service... / Does SMxxx have a limit to the number of times per day she will perform the sexual/ SM activities, such as oral sex, piss drinking, etc... / Do you know slave XXXX's limits?

A: Please refer to "Our Slaves", where you will find the service (SM activity) details for each lady (if a service / activity is not listed then she can't provide that service / activity). In addition, we will not discuss any sexual / SM details with a client until the photo deposit is paid and a slave has been chosen.


Q: Can slave A provide slave B's activities / services?

A: Every slave's activities/ services are different and so can't always provide the same as each other.


Q: Is it ok to use swear words such as "cunt" and "fuck" etc with the slave?

A: This is not a problem if the lady has "Verbal Humiliation" on her service list. However, you can only use these words during SM activities. Please respect your submissive partner in non-SM play time. For more details, please refer to: "How To Book / How to Get the Best Response from Your Submissive Partner".


Q: If a slave has "Spanking" on her service list, how often can I spank her? / I especially like slapping, how to play will not be too much?

A: According to our policy, you can play spanking/slapping games once a day only (10 light to moderate hits). However, if she needs more, then it is another matter. In addition, you must always pay attention to the slave's response. If your slave uses the Safe-Word or Safe-Sign, you MUST immediately stop and reduce the intensity of your action. For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / Limit of Punishment".


Q: If a slave has Piss Drinking (Master's Saliva Swallowing, Semen Swallowing, Anal Licking after Toilet...) on her service list, how often can I piss in her mouth?

A: According to our policy, you can play drinking/swallowing games once a day only. However, if she is willing to do more, then it is another matter. For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / Limit of Punishment", and remember to discuss your slave’s limits with her directly before playing.


Q: How hard can I spank / slap my slave?

A: All slaves on our website have a "Pain Tolerance" rating. Usually slaves with a high "Pain Tolerance" can stand harder spanking / slapping play; and a low "Pain Tolerance" means light spanking only. However, everyone has a different standard for "hard" and "light". So, in BDSM play, it's very important that the master and slave agree on a Safe-Word (for example: Mayday) or Safe-Sign (for example: Shaking of the Head) and must always pay attention to the slave's response. If your slave uses her pre-agreed Safe-Word or Safe-Sign, then that means the intensity of your action is unbearable for her and you MUST immediately stop to avoid injury. For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / Limit of Punishment".


Q: I like suspension (bondage, slave cage, kneeling..), can I play this game with my slave for 24 hours a day?

A: No. One submissive / BDSM play session should not last longer than 40 minutes. After that, the girl should get at least 20 minutes rest before next play session starts. Also, the girl should be allowed a routine life that includes dining and sleeping. For more details, please refer to: "Safety Rules / The Rule for the Timing".


Q: I know XXXX cannot do anal sex (piss drinking, outdoor play, etc.), but is she willing to learn new skills? I will teach her slowly and gently...

A: Generally our ladies are happy to know any new SM skills. However, it doesn't mean they must accept all of them. You are welcome to teach they by language, but you cannot force them to do anything.

Q: Are the slaves clean shaven? As I would like the slave to present herself to me without any pubic hair...

A: If a slave has "Shaved Pussy" on her service list, you can ask her to do so.


Q: I hate girls with shaven pussy. Can you make sure the slave has not shaven her public hair?

A: Yes, you can advise her 2 weeks in advance.


Q. I would like the slave to go without underwear when in public with me. Is this ok?

A: Yes, as long as she is willing.


Q: My partner and I are "heavy taste" master and mistress. We are looking for a "heavy-duty" submissive who will accept bloody torture bdsm......

A: Asian Slave Club provides light to medium submissive and BDSM services only. Clients that have a "heavy taste" are not welcome.


Q: Hi. I found this great site. I often travel around Europe and Asia. Looking for a full toilet slave for a day. Really submissive and enjoining scat and piss. Are you so nice to give me an advice?

A: Please refer to "Toilet Slaves".


Q: I like BDSM tool / toys (whip, handcuffs, TENs...), is it possible for your lady to bring them to me? / I'm in New York (London, Tokyo, etc) now, does slave XXX has any BDSM tools or toys? Or can she buy some for me?

A: If both the client and the lady are in Sydney, she can bring some tools / toys (borrow from the club). However, our ladies cannot bring these things by plane or to overseas, as the airport/customs checking can make her embarrassed.

Our ladies usually don't have BDSM tools or toys by themselves. If you want any outside Sydney, she will buy for you in the local adult shops (on your cost).


Q: Do I need to pay for the sex toys/ SM tools which I want to borrow?

A: If you are in Sydney, you could borrow sex toys/ SM tools from the club for free (please do not damage them (including package) when you are using them.). However, for some one-off products and consumed products which like enema kit, low temperature candle, aphrodisiacs…, you need pay for them.


Q: I don't like to buy condoms, is it possible for your lady to bring some with her?

A: If the lady and client are in the same country, then she can bring condoms with her when she visits you. However, if the lady is from overseas, then it's better for the client to get condoms ready.


Q: I'm very clean (I have a doctor certificate...), can I have sex without a condom? / Do any of your slaves offer no condom service?

A: No.



About Fees and Payment


Q: What's the total cost for your slave to come to my place? / I am very interested in what you have to offer. Please tell me what it costs to have one of your slaves travel to me in USA (Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan......) ? / I like to know if it's possible to meet one of your girls in Rome and how much including travel cost?

A: The total cost is the lady's service charge + Airfare (if necessary) + Visa (if necessary). With regard to the cost for our ladies, please refer to: "Sex Slave Fees". With regard to airfares, please refer to: " How To Book / Flight Bookings".


Q: Please explain how your fees work - do you charge for the period the lady is with me, or from her leaving home until she returns back to her home?

A: We charge only for the period the lady is with her client - from arrival to departure.


Q: How is the photo deposit paid? Can I pay cash?

A: If you want to pay the photo deposit, you can ask for our account details by email. You can pay cash only when you visit our Sydney office.


Q: I am in Sydney / I will travel to Sydney, can I come to your office to pay the fees?

A: Yes, you can.


Q: If both the slave lady and I are in New York (Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne...), can I pay photo deposit or service fee on her arrival? / I can pay half price plus the girl's one way flight only and then pay the balance on her arrival. Because for transfer 2600 Euros or more I have to explain to the Fiscal Italian Authorities the motivation... / I'll stay in XXXX for 1 days only. I don't have time to transfer money. I can only pay your lady cash if you want to do this business... / I have transferred 10,000 US dollars to your account, but it has bounced back by your bank. I Swear It's True. Now I have no choice, I can pay cash only... / Our banks cannot send money to Australia. Please believe me, I'll pay your girls definitely if they come to XXXX... / I'm traveling in China now. I don't have a bank account here... / I'm not trying to sell you stories, they told me I've transferred too much this year to international. They said I will be able to transfer in 6 month... Why you don't believe me, I'll definitely pay her when she comes... / If you recall, I've booked slaves about 4-5 times. I have been a customer for many years now. Can we have a special arrangement this time?

A: Clients need to pay all the fees to the company in advance unless both you and the lady are in Sydney. For more details, please refer to "How To Book Your Submissive Escort". Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: I'm not rich, but I'm interested in test driving one of your girls in and around the Los Angeles area for a period of 1-2 hours. Is this something you provide? I don't wish to commit to anything long term until I get a feeler for the girl first.../ I am in Sydney and like to try your service. Can I book a slave for 30 minutes... can I get the price for 30 minutes? / I want a slave girl who lives in Dubai and I also live in Dubai but I can't take her 1 full day because I'm a very busy man and I want only 1 (2, 4, 8...) hour... / Hi, don't think I'm a poor man! Money is not a problem for me...... I'm really busy...... do you have hourly submissive service?

A: Our minimum charge is 1 day price A$/€/$ 2,600 (for the slaves in promo, it's A$/€/$ 2,600 x 80% = A$/€/$ 2,080). So we can arrange 30 minutes / 1 hour / 2 hours... service for the no-time clients, the price will be the minimum charge A$/€/$ 2,600 or A$/€/$ 2,080, if the client and the lady are in the same place.


Q: If I book a lady for 1 day for $2,600, how much should I pay to extend my booking to 3 days? / If I book a lady for 3 days for $5,000, how much should I pay to extend my booking to 1 week? / If I book a lady for 1 week for $8,500, how much should I pay to extend my booking to 1 month?

A: You would pay an additional fee of: $2,400 / $3,500 / $11,500.


Q: I am in New York (London, Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne...), how much is the air fare for a slave to come here? / How much is the air fare for a slave from Australia to XXXX ?

A: Please choose your slave (you will find her location on the website) and decided a date, then check your flight/ airfare on the internet.

We will book your ticket for your girl with your money after receiving your payment for the ticket. We do not charge any booking fees. For more details, please refer to the "How To Book Your Submissive Escort / Flight Bookings" section.


Q: I know your price in Japan is in US dollars. But I'm a French who traveling in Japan, I don't have US dollar, I have Japanese Yen and Euro only. If I book a Japanese slave from you, can I send you Japanese Yen and Euro or must wire US dollars for this booking? / I'm a Singaporean, I know your service in Asia is in USD, but I have an AUD account in Australia. Can I send you Australian dollar in stead of Us dollar? I will give you a good exchange rate from XXXX. Is this fair enough?

A: You can wire any currency to our USD account. When your money arrives the USD account, it will be converted to USD automatically. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: I know I should pay Euro for the service in Paris. But I have wired 8500 euro to your USD account yesterday by mistake. Is this still ok?

A: We will notify the bank to transfer it into our Euro account. Please no worry.


Q: I'll wire the money from my USD account to your AUD account next Wednesday. What's the USD-AUD exchange rate you will use? / When I wired my payment from my Euro account to your USD account last Friday, the TT exchange rate was 1:1.457, so US$2600=1784.49€. I've wired 1784.49€. Why then have you told me that you received only US$2461.52? / I've transferred US$8500 to your USD account last week (see the bank receipt attached), why you received US$8436 only? Where is the other $64?

A: Usually, the bank will charge a processing fee, and bank exchange rates is often changing. We cannot answer these questions. If you have any queries, please check with your bank where you can track the status of your transaction.

For more details, please refer to "Policy For Payment Between Currencies" on Sex Slave Fees. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: I understand that your service fees in Australia are in AUD's, but I don't have your money. I'll pay your girl in USD. I might give her the old USD notes, looks different, but no worry... / What exchange rate will be used if I pay the service fee in Japanese Yen's. Can you use the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ cash rate... / I'll fly from Tonga to Sydney at 7pm tomorrow. I don't think I can find any bank to change the money (I don't want to make money exchange at airport), so I can pay Tonga Panga only if you want to do this business...

A: Our ladies cannot recognize all the foreign currency or know all the currency exchange rate, so we don't accept cash payment in foreign currency. If you would like to pay service fee in cash in Sydney Australia but you don't have AUD, please exchange the foreign currency into AUD first, then pay to the lady. You can exchange at airports, banks, money exchange shops and hotel counters.

For more details, please refer to "Policy For Payment Between Currencies" on Sex Slave Fees . Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: I'm an Australian. According to your policy, I need to pay US dollars if I meet your slave in Japan. I hate currency exchange, it will make me loss money. I'll send Australian dollars to your AUD account, you can convert it into USD at 1 Australian Dollar : 1 US dollar (I won't accept any rate less than 1:1)... / I know your price in Asia is in US dollars. But I'm in Dubai and I have Euro only. Can I transfer the Euro to your Euro account and you can convert it into U.S. dollars (at the Dubai Bank's exchange rate) by yourself. Is this fare enough? Otherwise, I just give up... / I'll enjoy SMxxx in Sydney next month. However, for ...... reason, I cannot wire money to you AUD ac, I can only transfer the fees to your Euro ac, then you can convert it to Australian dollars...

A: All the fees should be send to the right currency account directly. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: I live in Russia (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Malta...) which does not use the Euro, and we are not as wealthy as other Europeans. Could you therefore offer the reduced fee of ₽8,500 (BGL8,500, ROL8,500, TRL8,500, 8,500...), instead of €8,500 for 1 week of service?

A: Sorry.


Q: I know your price in Japan is in US dollars. But I'm a French who traveling in Japan, I don't have US dollar, I have Japanese Yen and Euro only. If I book a Japanese slave from you, can I send you Japanese Yen and Euro or must wire US dollars for this booking? / I'm a Singaporean, I know your service in Asia is in USD, but I have an AUD account in Australia. Can I send you Australian dollar in stead of Us dollar? I will give you a good exchange rate from XXXX. Is this fair enough?

A: You can wire any currency to our USD account. When your money arrives the USD account, it will be converted to USD automatically. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: When I checked with you 2 weeks ago you said the flight from Sydney to New York would cost $1900 return. Then why, 2 weeks later does the same return flight cost $2100 ($1700...)?

A: It is our policy to select the cheapest flights from Booking Buddy (, however, we cannot guarantee the price for the airlines. We encourage our clients to verify all flights, then transfer the funds and instructions to book the flights immediately.


Q: If I hire a slave lady for one month, can I also let her work as a secretary (translator/interpreter, marketing manager...) in my company? Should I pay her any extra wage?

A: Yes, you can. You needn't pay any extra money. However, you need to advise this in advance.


Q: We are a professional couple in our early forties. We are looking for a genuinely bisexual slave to live together with us in our large house in the outskirts of London. If I want to play together with my wife, is there any extra charge for your lady?

A: Yes, 20% extra。


Q: I have sent $2,600 for meeting your slave in Tokyo. Honestly I'm not very rich and this is my first time to use your service, I'm quite nervous...... If the girl is not coming, what will happen?

A: We will give a full refund. For more details, please refer to the "Sex Slave Fees/Refund Policy" section.


Q: For how long is a 1 day booking? / If I meet with your lady from 3pm Monday to 3pm Tuesday, is this 1 day or 2 days? / If I meet with your lady from 3pm Monday to 3pm Wednesday, is this 2 days or 3 days? / If I meet with your lady from 3pm Monday to 3pm Sunday, is this 6 days or 7 days?

A: A 1 day booking is 24 hours. / 1 days (24 hours) / 2 days (48 hours) / 6 days.


Q: I will arrive in Sydney on Monday morning and depart on Tuesday afternoon. If I book your slave from 11am on Monday to 3pm on Tuesday, can I pay the one day fee and give the lady a tip for those few extra day-time hours?

A: Yes, you can. Please make sure you pay the tip to the lady before the extra day-time hours start.


Q: I will arrive in Sydney on Monday at midnight (11:30pm) and depart on Wednesday morning; I will spend 1.5 nights with your slave. Can I pay the 1 day price and give the lady a tip for the half night / extra night-time-hours?

A: No, you need to pay the 2 day fee to the company.


Q: I will arrive in Sydney on Monday evening and depart on Wednesday morning, I will spend 2 nights and 1 day with your slave. Can I pay a 1.5 day price or get a discount?

A: No, you need to pay for 2 days.


Q: Today is Friday and I will deposit the money into your bank account within 2 hours time. As I'm sure that you will receive the money this afternoon, can you send a slave to me tomorrow?

A: If you are in Australia, a cash deposit to our bank account before 2pm will ensure that the amount is credited to our account on the same day (except Friday afternoon). Otherwise, it will be the next business day.

If you are outside Australia and make an international bank transfer, the amount will arrive in Australia in 2-5 business days (an internet banking transfer may take longer).

Asian Slave Club has a standard procedure. We will only send the lady to you after the actual payment has been credited to our account. Your cooperation in this regard is appreciated.


Q: I’m the type of person who values privacy. I am wondering if there is a way of transferring money without using my name or my bank account? / I do not wish to send you the money from my bank account or use my real name…

A: If you would like to conceal your personal and bank information when you transfer the fee you can use the services of Moneycorp, Xoom or similar agents. Then you can send money to our account concealing your name and bank account. The anonymous money transfer usually will cost more time than normal bank TT transfer.

Please note, when you transfer the fees through an anonymous money transfer agent, as your information is hidden by the agent, we won’t know where this money come from. So please leave a short message with transfer (such as, travel, airfare, 375, a1b2, etc).

Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: Do you accept credit card payment, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram check, money order, cash post... ?

A: These options are not available at this time. You can pay by bank  transfer, cash payment at our office and cash payment on lady's arrival (Sydney only). We accept the payments listed below -

        1, Bank transfer (T/T)
        2, Personal payment by cash at our Sydney office.
        3, Cash payment on our lady's arrival (if both the client and the lady are in Sydney).
4, Through Anonymous Money Transfer Agents (Moneycorp, Xoom, etc)


Q: I have posted you $100,000 cash / check in an envelope last year, you should have received it......

A: We don't accept cash / check post payment and we are not responsible for any loss of cash / check post. You are welcome to pay personally at our Sydney office.


Q: Do you provide a receipt (tax invoice)?

A: Yes. 


Q: Is this receipt (tax invoice) under the name of "Asian Slave Club"?

A: No. 


Q: Your prices are too expensive, do you have cheap offers? / Are there any girls who give extra days? / I would consider slave A, but not at full price as she is so limited in experience and activities. / Slave A has 80 activities/services, if I need 40 of them only, can I pay half price or get some discount? / Your one day period is 24 hours, but I only need to meet your slave for 6 hours, can I get some discount? / Your one month price is $20,000. $20,000 ÷ 30 days = $666.66... Why you charge $2600 for one day? I can pay a maximum of $700 for one day...... / Your 3 day price is $5000, right? If she can only come 2 days, I can pay $3333,that's logical..... /Ok, listen, this is my offer: I order 4 girls together this time. What about I get 5% from the 1st additional girl, 10% from the 2nd one and 15% from the 3rd...... Otherwise, I just cancel this booking! / I'm your regular client, I have used your service 3 times. I must get a discount, otherwise I won't book......

A: Our fees are not negotiable. Your cooperation is appreciated.


Q: Your company sounds amazing and too good to be true; we don't have stuff like this in America (Canada, England, France, Korea...). I am worried that this is a scam, and I don't want to send any money in advance. / How could you be trusted, at the other end of the world ? What guarantee could I have ?!/ I'm not a poor man, $200 is nothing for me, but I don't want to pay a deposit, since it seems like a scam... / The only possibility I see is that I pay 50% of the amount in advance and 50% after the arrival of the slave...

A: Asian Slave Club company policy is - if the service is carried out in Sydney Australia, you can pay on the lady's arrival (if she is also from Sydney). Otherwise, all the fees including return airfare should be paid before the lady's departure. Your cooperation is appreciated.

We suggest you enjoy a sex tour in Australia and meet your first lady in Sydney. You are welcome to pay the A$200 photo deposit personally in our office in Sydney CBD and browse the database to choose your slave. Then you can wait for your lady in the hotel and pay the remaining fees on her arrival.


Q: My name is XXXX, do you still remember me? I have met one of your slaves last year. I had paid 8500€ for her 1 week of service, but she is really bad, I let her go one and a half days earlier. I have checked your price list, one and a half days should cost 4200€ (2600€+1600€÷2). So I should pay 4200€ less for next booking or get cash back... / ...last week I have booked XXXX for 1 day, it should be 24 hours from 4pm to 4pm. As the girl was not feeling well, I cannot stop her leaving at about 10 or 11am next morning. So that means I got 5-6 hours less. I haven't told you this before because the girl told me I must not tell you as you might cut her remuneration. However, I must tell you this now as I do business with you. I have the right to get my remaining back. You can either send me another girl to finish these few hours or refund me some money...

A: If a client is not satisfied with a lady's service, or a lady leaves earlier, please contact the club at once. We will fix for you straight away. If a lady leaves earlier without your permission, we will cut her remuneration and refund to you (if you ask/agree to let her go, we cannot refund).

As we pay the lady on the next day after dating. If there is no problem, we will remit the remuneration in time. So there are any problems, you must immediately notify us. If a lady has been paid, there is little we can do.


Q: Please see attached transaction confirmation from Xoom - it shows it was successfully transferred. They said if you still can't find it, to track further from this end, they need a copy of your back statement showing you did not receive it... / My assistant who is traveling worldwide has send you some money. I'm not sure where she did it. As it's sent from Singapore Dollars, so I cannot tell you how much it will appear on your account either. If you send me your last 2 moths account statement, I can find out which one is from me...

A: Sorry, we cannot help you.


Q: I booked your slave XXXX last week, and we have since decided to get married. Could you delete XXXX's photo and profile from your website within 24 hours and provide a full refund for my last booking (as we did not have any sm play or sex) otherwise I will call the police...

A: If a lady wishes to stop dating or to delete her photo/profile then she must inform us herself. We will not be advised by any individual other than the lady herself and under such circumstances we will not refund the booking fee.





Q: I need the lady to have a blood test for HIV before coming. Can you arrange this for me? And how much will you charge?

A: Yes, we can arrange this. The cost is A$/€/$300 (prepay). Please note, after the test, you are still required to practice safe sex and use a condom.


Q: We have 2 (3,4...) men here, can we share a slave?

A: No.


Q: What is the maximum time I can hire the submissive escort for?‎ Is it possible to hire your slave permanently? / Can I buy one of the slaves and let her stay with me forever? / I want a real slave and own her for life time......

A: No. You can book a submissive escort from us for a maximum of one month. When your booking is finished, if you like her service and she also wants to continue, you can make another booking of her with a new payment. However, please note, it doesn't matter how long you book her submissive service, the lady from Asian Slave Club is always a "role-play" slave (submissive escort) only, she will never become a "real" slave.


Q: I have 2 small dogs and 4 cats living in my house. They will never take part in any SM play, but they will be around. I need to be sure that the slave I am interested in is not allergic to dogs or cats...

A: Usually it's ok. We can check for you.


Q: I don't like sending emails to "", could you please provide an alternative email address to the above?

A: Yes. After you have paid the photo deposit, we will provide you with another email address.


Q: I sent you a serious booking request 2 days ago, but so far I haven't received any response. Why?

A: Asian Slave Club will reply to any serious booking within 24 hours. The most common reason why people do not receive a response is because their email service has a default filter that has automatically removed our response.

- Please check your "Junk Mail" folder. An email from Asian Slave Club may be mistakenly categorized as spam.

- Please check any filters on your email service. You should permit all emails from "".


Q: I need 1 hour service only, give me your offer (I won't accept any price over $500)... / I don't like using a condom, I have a doctor certification... / We must discuss the price first... / Your account is wrong... I have sent a dozen emails to try to discuss this issue with you, but why you never reply?

A: Asian Slave Club will reply to any serious booking within 24 hours. However, we will not respond to emails which do appear not to be genuine. Here are some Samples of those emails.


Q: What's your price? I have asked this question many times, why no reply?

A: Asian Slave Club will reply to any serious booking within 24 hours. However, please forgive us not replying to the below questions, because they are already answered on our site. You can find their answers below:

    - What's your price (How much...)? ------ Answer

    - Can you send a girl to my hotel tonight? ------ Answer

    - I want a slave for 1 (2, 3...) hour? ------ Answer

   - I need your bank statement... ------ Answer

    - Your price is too expensive... ------ Answer

   - I am worried this is a scam... ------ Answer

    - I want to own a real slave for life... ------ Answer







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