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Whipping is one of the most common activities in SM play. While B&D (Bondage and Discipline) often focuses on control and power, SM (Sadism & Masochism) is about pain; either giving or receiving it. For many slaves (male and female), their favourite activity is receiving a good whipping at the hands of their master or mistress.

Whipping is a type of play where a flexible device such as a crop, cane, lash or whip is used to strike the submissive. Using a bare hand for this sort of play is normally slapping or spanking, while using an inflexible object is usually called paddling. In all cases, the objective is to carefully strike the submissive. To make them feel pain, and to assert your control and power over them.

One of the most popular places for whipping is the bottom. The large muscle there makes it an easy and safe target. Whipping the submissive’s bottom also has the advantage that when she is finally allowed to sit again after your session, she will receive a constant reminder of her whipping. Thighs, calves and the soles of the feet can also be good targets for whipping.

More experienced masters may enjoy whipping their slaves back. Care needs to be taken, because heavy blows can run the risk of causing serious injuries. Because the whip is flexible, there is also the danger that it may curve around the side of the body, delivering a very high speed slap to the slaves side or the front of her body.

Whipping can also be used as an erotic form of torture. Using a small lash, its possible to create a brief stinging sensation, without any risk of marks or injury. This makes it a big favourite for providing a light whipping to the pussy or breasts. The little whip sensitises the skin, and the erogenous zones quickly become painful, making the slave writhe and beg, without the master needing to worry about leaving marks on her skin. Warming a slave up like this can also be a prelude to other forms of breast or pussy play, including having sex with a slave who has already reached high levels of stimulation.






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