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Strapping refers to the use of a belt for corporal punishment. Normally the Master or Mistress will use their belt to hit the slave's bottom or thighs.

The use of the belt can vary greatly in intensity and the pain it delivers. When the belt is folded for strapping even a light blow can make a loud, impressive and frightening noise without much pain. This can be a great way to introduce novice slaves to strapping, or to deliver thorough punishment without long term marks.

If the belt is not folded, but swung with its full length, Strapping can range from light to heavy discipline.

Because Strapping is a SM activity, please ensure you check the slave's Pain Tolerance. Without prior discussion and arrangement during booking, it is not permitted to cause bruising to the slaves, although a bright red color is usually acceptable.

Blows to the kidneys, face or other delicate areas are not permitted. Hitting the slave with the buckle of the belt is never permitted. If your slave receives this, she may request the visit is cancelled. 







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