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Spanking is the most commonly-used form of corporal punishment, and is usually done on the buttocks of the submissive in BDSM play. The most common type of erotic spanking is administered on Asian girl's bare buttocks, but can also be combined with bondage, in order to heighten sexual arousal and feelings of helplessness in the spankee.

Asian Slave Club makes the distinction for our ladies between Spanking, Slapping and Tool Spanking. These services are each listed individually for our slaves, so that you can see the type of punishment a slave can tolerate.

Spanking is delivered with the open palm, and is normally applied to the slaves bottom or legs. Because it is done with a bare hand, this is usually a lighter activity than with a tool, although it can still be painful.

Slapping refers to giving an open handed hit to the face. Because the face and head are very delicate, this can only be a light blow, but is often has a strong emotional effect for both the Master / Mistress and submissive.

Tool Spanking is done with spanking implements such as paddles, straps, hairbrushes, and belts. Sometimes other implements are used for the Asian BDSM activity: such as a cane, riding crop, whip, switch, a ruler or martinet. Depending on the Master / Mistress, this can be a very light activity up to extremely heavy.

Because Spanking is a SM activity, please ensure you check the slave's Pain Tolerance. Without prior discussion and arrangement during booking, it is not permitted to cause bruising to the slaves, although a bright red colour is usually acceptable.

Blows to the kidneys, face (except light slapping) or other delicate areas are not permitted. If your slave receives this, she may request the visit is cancelled.






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