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In BDSM play, restraint refers to the practice of rendering the slave girls helpless or keeping them in captivity by means such as handcuffs, bondage belt, spreader bars, ankle/wrist stocks, straps, posture collars or other forms of physical restraint.

Light restraint refers to using soft items such as scarves or soft rope to hold the slave. It is normally not tied very tightly and would not be uncomfortable for moderate to long periods of time. For beginner slaves, this is usually the most non-threatening.

Moderate restraint typically uses more items in holding the slave, will often be tight and may be slightly uncomfortable. The level of restriction of movement is also greater, allowing the slave only very limited freedom.

Heavy restraint greatly restricts the slaves ability to move and may cover large portions of the slaves body, such as using saran wrap or full body rope binding. In heavy restraint the position of the slave may also be uncomfortable to maintain for long periods of time.







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