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Pussy Torture



Unlike Pussy Play, Pussy Torture is aimed at causing pain.

The vagina (or pussy) is the most sensitive part of most women's anatomy. This makes it ideal for many forms of torture since even small actions can cause a strong response. It also means that precise, accurate punishment can be delivered.

Because the pussy is also a highly intimate, private area, the emotional impact of torture is much greater. Slaves may be used to receiving punishment on the bottom and therefore receive a greater effect for even less pain when applied to the pussy.

Pussy torture can use all of the same activities that can be used for punishment on other areas of the body, This includes slapping, whipping, needles, electrical, hot wax clamps and more.

Some masters absolutely love pussy torture. You can case pain without causing damage, which may be considered an advantage over spanking or whipping. You can also humiliate and cause your slave to suffer with only minimal effort.






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