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Forced Pussy Display



Not all BDSM activities are about pain. Forced Pussy Display is designed to create feelings of humiliation or embarrassment, especially in public. The pussy (or vagina) is normally the most private area on a lady, as well as being very sensitive and her strongest erogenous zone. From childhood most ladies are taught to keep this area hidden and private, often not even being seen during sex. When a woman is forced to lift her skirt and show her pussy to a man or a group of men, it can be extremely shameful. Many Masters enjoy forcing their slaves to expose themselves in a slutty or degrading manner. This could be in private – offering and debasing themselves to their master, to his friends, or in public.

BDSM is a highly sensual activity, and many Masters like to see the shy way a lady acts, her shame, and the embarrassment that their slave feels.  In most cases, the slave will enjoy this as much or more than their Masters.






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