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Forced Sex



BDSM is a very sensual activity, and sex is a common part of almost every scene. Forced sex with a slave is different from what a normal escort will provide because of the forced nature of the sex.

Having sex with a slave while she is bound, blindfolded or gagged is very common. Part of the excitement for this comes from the implied non-consensual act involved. Masters or Mistresses may also wish to engage in "Rape play" where the slave pretends they are reluctant or resistant to having sex.

Please note: all sexual activities involving our slaves must be consensual. This means that the slave must agree before the sexual act begins. This approval is automatically given as part of the booking, and our slave agreeing to visit you. If you wish to pretend to rape your slave, you are welcome, but Masters and Mistresses must always obey the use of the Safe Word. For best effect for this sort of play, we recommend discussing it with your slave, so she can react as you desire in the situation.







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