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Forced Posture



Posture refers to how a slave stands, sits or otherwise holds their body. There are several reasons why a Master or Mistress is likely to force their slave to adopt particular postures.

The slaves provided by Asian Slave Club are all beautiful, and every Master and Mistress will have a particular way they wish to see that beauty. The slave may be forced to stand tall with head up and arms back to expose her lovely breasts, or she may be forced to bow her head and modestly hold her hands to show her submission.

Posture can also be a means of punishment. Holding the same pose for a long time can be uncomfortable, or the slave may have to expose themselves in an embarrassing manner.

Enforcing a specific posture can also be used as a way to justify punishment. Whenever a slave's posture is wrong, they are spanked or receive the cane for their mistakes.

Almost every Master or Mistress will have a preferred posture that their slave should use.








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