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orced Foot Choking



Forced Foot Choking is widely accepted in a lot of BDSM play. Masters will often enjoy squeezing their feet into a female slave's mouth. For the Master this feels very pleasant, while showing a strong willingness by the slave to do all things necessary to please the master. This also prepares the slave for all other things the Master may wish to place in the Slaves mouth.

It can start out small and easy; a little toe sucking. Licking the foot and worshiping the feet of their Master. But that only needs to be the beginning. Slaves are not here for their own pleasure, they exist solely for the pleasure of their Master. Sucking a Master's toes may be nice, but it is not really forcing the slave. Until you push your foot in her mouth, until
you are the one in control of how much she much fit in, and until you are the one forcing her face to stretch into strange shapes… Until then it is just foreplay. It's only when the Master forces their slave, when the Master makes the slave choke and gasp to cope with their Master's demands; it is only then that the Master truly exerts their dominance.







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